Sunday, October 24, 2010

We got our butts handed to us.

The Riders came out and the fans were going crazy. It was freezing temperatures and there were people running around in boxer shorts (Eski fans of course - those of us from Saskatchewan happen to love our body parts). However we refused to put on our winter jackets, not wanting to cover our team jerseys - once again the fans were mostly Sask. Rider fans. The game had a great turn out considering how awful the temperature was.

From the first kick, Saskatchewan was doomed. Whether is was the cold, or that fact that we did not need to win this game to get into the play offs (unlike Edmonton which had to win this game), the Riders blew this game. After the first couple of minutes it looked like maybe we would shake off the terrible start - but no. They did put in a valiant effort in the last 2 minutes, but by this time almost every Saskatchewan Rough Rider fan was booed out of the stadium by gloating Edmonton Eskimo fans yelling at us to go home. We did not want to mention that we all live here and our taxes are paying for the stadium upgrades. Lots of people did bus in from home, but they left sad and did I on my short walk home.

Ah, but who cares about football? Lets talk about some quilting and knitting! I have decided to make my first pinwheel sampler quilt into a lap quilt. I love piecing, but it sure is time consuming. It took me all day to do this:
Kaffe Fasset, meet Kate Spain. I think they like each other.

Even though the Riders blew the game, I did get some pics of some great costumes:

Don't worry he is not pushing me away, he was actually patted my arm and I asked permission to take his pic.
This was this guys stag night - lovely dress, great lace details. ha ha
And finally, her is me and the hubby:


  1. That looks way too cold for me. Of course, I used to live in Panama so my blood is really thin. Also, that looks like it's going to be a gorgeous quilt - even if it is time consuming. It will be well worth the effort.

  2. Supposedly a bad dress rehearsal means a good performance to follow. Maybe the playoffs will be OK afterall.

  3. You look like you are freeeeeezing! Love the pics of all the colorful fans.

    I love your pin wheel quilt, it is coming out really nice.