Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look, Look! I got a package x 2!!

I am one lucky girl today. Check it out, I got not only my knitted dish cloths, but I got my coffee cozy I won in that give away from Mary!

I used it already - it works awesome! Everyone was jealous of my fab coffee cozy.

Here are my new great knitted cloths - these I have not used yet. But alas -there are always dishes to wash so it is just a matter of time.

Aren't they lovely? Thank you Stacey!


  1. What a fantastic package. I need to try and make some of those coffee cozies.

  2. Lucky you! I never used knitted dishclothes before, but I hear there are people that prefer them. And like you say, there's always dishes that need washing.

  3. Lucky you! That's a cute cozy and I love using those knitted dishclothes. Yours look very festive, are you going to save them for Christmas?

  4. I'm so glad the dishcloths made it to you. that cozy is soooo nice.

    @ Linda ~ nothing better than knitted dishcloths ;)

  5. Lucky you! How many giveaways have you won?