Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ready set - bake with new mitties!

I for some reason have really really really wanted to make my own oven mitts. So, I finally did.
I have been envisioning this design for a couple of weeks. In a perfect world (were I have endless amounts of time to sew) I would like to make a pair of mitties per season/special occasion.

Here are my Halloween Oven Mitts Extraordinaire (yeah - I am a geek)
I purchased batting specific for oven mitts and ironing boards. Its expensive, but I wanted to make them right.

This is the inside. I wanted to do witches teeth using Trapundo (did I spell that right?) technique and added another layer of the special batting to help protect my hands. Plus it looks and feels cool!!

What is this? Extra pieces ... hee hee, yeah, I made two pairs. 

And the mitts in use.

Oh, my hands are sooo protected! And stylish.

Strike a pose... did I mention I am a geek??
  So what do you think??



  1. Cool oven mitts! Looks like they didn't take much time so perhaps you can make them for each season.

  2. Too cute! The mitts and your geeky self. hee,hee,hee.
    I'm a dorkwad, so I can say that. ;)
    xx, shell

  3. Love them. They scream October and they look perfect!

  4. Love your mitts. Do they work? And, no, you are not a geek!

  5. LOVE your new oven mitts :)