Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sew these pants!

My hubby when he decided he needed new clothing for this wedding we are going to, promised me that he would hem his own pants. I was not surprised however when he informed me the next day that he simply did not have time and would I please do it for him? 

At first I pretended I did not know what he was talking about. "What? Hem pants? How does one do that" That did not work.

So I tried to convince him that I could throw them through the sewing machine in no time.

 To which I got the screwed up face complaint. "Can you do that without making the line at the bottom? Like blue jean? I do not want that, it has to be by hand. I can do a pair by hand in half an hour" 

To this I bit my tongue and did not mention that he was running 5 minutes into his precious 30 min required to do his own pants! ha ha ha

Why is there not a hem stitch on my machine?? Isn't this why I bought such an expensive machine? Oh well, I will hem his darn pants - but I am going to drink a Corona while I do it and if the stitch is not perfect, he can do it himself next time. I just spent the evening cleaning both bathrooms, all the dishes, laundry, feeding animals, cleaning up animal messes and I am tired. Whah whah whah. Complaining done, time to crack that beer!

We cannot have a post without pictures! Here are some pics from the Isle of Wight, England.

Needles beach

Hubby and I got off the last bus at Needles Beach and the driver failed to mention that we would have to walk the 3 miles back into town. Whoops.

The same expression I probably gave the hubby when he asked me to hem his pants.

And who goes to England and does not come home with hundred of pictures of churches??


  1. So funny! Glad you made sure you got a beer for your labor!

  2. Love your expression. You have to tell people that you are a quilter not a sewer (and definitely not an alterer). Hope it works for you, it has never worked for me.