Friday, October 22, 2010

I guess I broke it.

Apparently I have filled my computer full of photos, music and whatever else I could stuff in there to the point where it no longer wants to turn on.

Shouldn't there have been some kind of warning I wonder. Like a little stick guy pops us and says, "Hey, you only have a gigabyte left - you might want to think about deleting something"!! But no, there was no warning. I was trying to transfer some more, yes more, pictures into my computer from the camera when it just stopped and told me there was no more room on the disk. No More Room?? I checked my C:drive properties and sure enough, I have filled a 220G computer full to the brim. Okay, I thought this is no problem, tomorrow I will plug in my external hard drive and copy stuff over. A Plan, I like plans sometimes.

So the next day, I followed my plan, turned on my computer and got my hard drive ready to connect. Not even thinking (which is my big problem most of the time), the icon popped up that there was an update, do I want to install it. Well of course I do, I clicked yes to get it off my screen.

My computer has no space to run this update, it has been trying to complete the update for over a day now. I cannot get it to stop trying to just turn on. At this rate, I might as well toss it in the garbage.

Computers hate me!

Anyone know how to make a computer stop trying to do an update and just come on?? I have tries starting it in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking as well as there was some option to run a Start Up Fix. None of these work.
Whoa is me.

At least I have my work computer! =P


  1. Oh Carolyn, you poor thing! How frustrating! I know how you feel, my computer crashed and burned about the first of the year. I had thought I'd been so good about backing stuff up and, of course, found out other wise when I hooked the external drive up to the new computer. Recipes, quilt patterns and loads of photos were just plain gone! So, so, so frustrating!
    I truly feel for you and your poor, over stuffed computer!

  2. I'm sorry! I've had a couple computers crash and burn. We had to pay to have ours fixed. But at least now we know who to call.

  3. Carolyn that's horrible. i have no idea how to fix it :( hope you can get things sorted out soon.

  4. That is so weird that it will still try to update in safe mode. There should still be a way to get your files off of the hard drive. Don't give up yet! :)