Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What the hubby is up to

It is so nice when hockey starts up. The hubby suddenly wants to make jerseys so I get to go to Fabricland more often!
Here is what he is making so far this year:
He starts with inexpensive jerseys he gets online from Ebay.

This is the logo that came on the jersey which he will cover.

He gets twill fabric from the fabric store. The shape he has cut for this one is to go around a specific patch that he got off Ebay.

Here is the patch.

Pretty good huh! Next he is making his number and his name out of three layers of twill just like the pro jerseys. He has really cool shoulder patches that match this one too.

Here is the jersey he completed last year: (again sorry about this photo - its on my iPhone)
Sorry ladies, this one is taken! *yeah, he is reading over my shoulder - but he is mine too =)


  1. LOL - you are funny and wow. That jersey doesn't look the same at all. Good job!

  2. that jersey looks awesome. i love that he does his own jersey!!!

    oh i got the fabric THANK YOU i even posted some pics, including patching a pair of jeremy's pants ;)