Tuesday, May 31, 2011

U2 is coming to town

And check out the set up and all the trucks, cranes and other what nots are required to get the stage ready! They have had security set up around the clock watching all of this stuff since the trucks started rolling in at the end of last week.

I had to take a picture of the food trailers - I have never been to a rock concert with mini donuts! 

Its like some weird alien ship! Or a couple of flipped over catepillars!

Can you believe all those semis? According to the guy that was there with the security team, there are going to be 100 trucks in total once they all get in. They must  be all there by now. There are over 60 there now that brought one of the three stages to Edmonton. The rest were on their way bringing the lights from the last place U2 played.

There are a lot of these fork style cranes as well as the ones below. They look like fire trucks minus the water hose of course.

Everything is gated off. We went to walk around the stadium and see how the new recreation centre is coming - its the silver tan building with the orange square in the picture above. We could not get close to it, even the alley behind it and the parking lot for the Joe Clark Stadium is taken over with all of U2's stuff. Its going to be one heck of a performance!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Well thats not good

Any one else see me little problem?
This block is for my Let's Bee Together group. I am supposed to mail it by the latest tomorrow.. ... I am out of fabric and the block is well, lets just say its not the 12 1/2" square its supposed to be. 
I kept coming up with designs in my head and each time I picked up the fabric, I realized I didn't have enough. So tonight I thought, meh, I will just make those cute little one inch squares like I did for Linda, that looked awesome! Yeah, I do not know what the hell I was thinking. If I did not have enough fabric to make my other ideas, I certainly did not have enough for little squares!! But I cut it all up and now look. Disaster! I will be off to the fabric store tomorrow after work in the hopes of getting more of these to fix my "little" problem. So sorry Mollie, I will do my best to get this block done and out to you as soon as I can!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What about me??

I think Beanie (Jada) is feeling left out with all this Lucky talk! 

Beanie, "Lucky gets to sleep on the bed now, Lucky is getting fancy eye drops every three hours and everyone wants to know that HE is OK? Hmmp, What about me??"
Look at me Mommy!!

Maybe if I sleep where Lu usually does, that will work. Look Mommy, I am in your sewing area.. .. shh, pretend to sleep, I think its working!

TIKA YOU BIG MEANIE, You are spoiling my close up!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sad little dog

Poor little Lucky, his allergies are so bad he can not stop himself from scratching. I think I mentioned last night that we had to take him off his allergy meds as it slows down healing and he got another eye injury resulting in another ulser? Well, he was scratching so bad last night I ended up having him sleep between my feet so I could hold his legs to his side when he started scratching. This resulted in me getting a lot of leg exercise and 0 sleep as he scratched all night! When I got up in the morning, his front leg was actually bleeding from his knee to his toes. Gross!! So, instead of getting ready for work, I rushed him to the tub, cleaned him up and put Polysporin on his wound. 
He still would not stop itching!! So I told him, stop itching or I am going to hog tie your legs. I stand by my word, he itched, I tied (with ribbon). Then I got my husbands socks and some painters tape while he laid on his side - finally not itching. I put a sock on each leg and used the tape to try and get the socks to stay on as long as I could without it being too tight. I do now know how long it lasted - oh and I obviously untied him, that was temporary as he was making himself bleed further - he had managed to get all but one sock off by the time we got home from the work day. 
I found his winter booties and he is wearing them now - much easier then socks and tape!
Here is the sad creature now.

There is nothing on his cone, he just feels the need to lick things - its gross really. Do you like his one sock? 
Thankfully his eye looks much better tonight so I was able to give him a little bit of medicine. Its not enough to make him not itchy at all, but looks to be enough to make him stop hurting himself - that or its the booties. I do not think so though as he scratched for a good hour with them on until the meds kicked in.
Wish him luck! Little Lucky needs a little help in that department lately. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Path in the grass

When we moved my Mom this past weekend, it had been raining and continued to do so while we moved her. The grass was so tall, we tramped down a path between the two houses. 
Lucky has suffered another eye injury and I think with his inability to close his one eye, tall grass is the culprit for this round. Lucky is also very allergic to grass, pollen, dirt - you know, the kinds of things you cannot avoid when you are a JRT an only measure in at 12 inched off the ground. He is on a steriod to control his itching, but it prevents healing. The poor guy had to come off them cold turkey to get his eye to heal. He is over most of the withdrawal, but his eye is still slow healing.
Here is my home town:

In this picture, we were driving and I clicked just a little too fast, but this is the turn off to the farm I grew up on. Mr Hunter was culture shocked never being someplace so small, but I actually quite like it. I loved that I could listen to the birds call, hear the neighbors horse and listen to the frogs. Its so peaceful and it was really nice seeing some familiar and friendly faces!
It is painfully small though, if you want a good chuckle at how small it is, Google map, Glentworth, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Do you know this man??

This is the man that almost ran over me this morning as he decided he would take the opportunity of there being a pedestrian on the crosswalk to drive angular across two oncoming lanes of traffic in an attempt to get into the LRT train parking lot before I was safely across. He did not consider that the pedestrian - ME, walks very fast so he almost hit me! When I audibly said to him WTF??!!??, he sarcastically said it back to me and raised his arms all crazy around his head. Nice - what a quality human being huh? He almost hits me, but I am the bad person. Then the silly person parks, and I see him running to catch the same train I am on! Like I would not recognize his face - uh hello, you were only 5 feet away from breaking my legs? So I decided I had full right to stalk him when he not only got on the same train, but got off the same stop! Can you believe the odds. People thought I was nuts, but I took these pictures of him, not even trying to be sneaky. He could not say boo though and I think he feared to turn and give me a full profile pic. lol.
So, If you know this person and have loved ones that walk - like on pedestrian crosswalks, can you please advise him that the pedestrians have the right away and to not drive like a retard?
Thank you kindly,
ME - the girl happy to still have two working legs.

Oh, I forgot the other funny thing, this guy works in one of the Downtown Edmonton office towers - as do I! So the chances of me seeing him all the time are actually pretty good. I couldn't crazy stock him the whole way, I have a life and wanted a coffee. ha ha

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Treasures in the moving piles - well, maybe not treasures!

I spent this past long weekend with Mr Hunter, my brother, my fabulous SIL and my lovely sister moving my Mom from her house to a new one - luckily for us, she bought the one next door. While packing, we found some silly little treasures. I would love to show them to you, here they are:
 Do you recognize it? Its INTELEVISION!! Yes! I totally brought it home. 

 My little nephew even liked it.
 My sister found these glasses, told you she was lovely. ha ha
 I found this fantastic Easter vest.
 My brother found his old award for excellence.
My fabulous SIL found these lovely hair nets - they are to cover bowls, but it was funnier to put them on our heads.
We found so many other things, it was amazing. I wish I took more pics, but we were pretty busy.
I did bring home some beautiful china plates. I will take some pics soon and post them.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lovely email from Beyond the Reef

Natalie from Beyond the Reef contacted me the other day to make sure I was happy with the pack of fat eighths I got from her and that they arrived OK as most USPS tracking numbers you cannot track once they get to Canada. I told her I got them just fine, but I failed to tell her how much I love them! I love them so much, that I cannot bare to cut into them - yet!
She kindly let me know that she has a Facebook page. I do not really Facebook, but I found her and now, I "like" her. Ha Ha, Facebook is so silly but fun. If you would like to "like" Natalie from Beyond the Reef to, then click here. 
Here is what I got from her again:

I have lots of little things to put in my blog, but my darn Internet has been finicky. Hopefully I will be back soon to tell you about my trip to Saskatchewan this past weekend.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

More fun books

Is anyone else reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels? I got hooked on them after watching the first few episodes of True Blood, I knew I had to check out the books. I just got the newest Stackhouse book and I am very excited to read it! I am forcing myself to wait until I finish the one I am reading on my eReader before I open this one. OH, but I want to read this one!!
Here it is:
 I also got this fabulous little book. I saw it in the quilt shop, the one I shall not name that I have a credit at. 
They had a sticker over the price - they wanted $19.95, so I pulled out my trusty iPhone and looked up Chapter's price on it, they had it for $13.95. This was perfect as you need a $30 dollar order to get free shipping so I got my Stackhouse book! Its a win win!! For me that is, not for the quilt store, but they should stop trying to rip me off and I would buy more. The only book I am pining for now is the Sarah Fielk - Quilting From Little Things. I actually only want one pattern, but I will take the whole thing. =) ha ha Its not available in Canada from what I can find, I tried to find it on Connecting Threads, but they do not have it either... I will keep pining!
K, I have to finish these silly place mats. Have a great evening everyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Place mat marathon!

At Christmas this year, I made my mom a table runner. She asked for place mats to match. I asked how many, she said 8.. ... ahh 8? Yup, 8. OK, I can do that I said. 
It is now May, actually May is 1/2 over as y'all know, I have not completed a single place mat. This long weekend we are helping her move into a new to her house. Housewarming gifts?? Can I get 8 place mats done? For Friday? 
Yikes - I am going to try, wish me luck. Here is my progress so far:
Not bad, last night I managed to get all 8 tops done, now I have to cut the batting, backing, baste and quilt them. Can I do it? I do not know, but I have to try. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It should be Friday

It feels like it should be Friday, not this cruel joke of a Tuesday! How do I know it should be Friday? Well, I discovered the last beer in the fridge.
Then, I discovered the last pizza in the freezer. Mr Hunter is flying back from Toronto so I get to sew my little pink heart out, eat pizza, drink the last beer and watch a girl movie! Don't get me wrong, I miss him, but you cannot go wrong with the last beer, pizza, a movie and geeking out at your sewing machine!

I do not know if any of my USA friends can get this beer, but if you can you should give it a try. Its a Canadian beer called Pump House and it is Blueberry flavor!! Yummy! They won brewery of the year in 2005 and I sure do like it. I also really like this Cranberry flavour one, but I drank it all. When I buy more, I will post a picture. 

So there you have it, it should be Friday so I can sew till way past my bedtime and watch more then one movie! hee hee
Happy Tuesday evening!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Saturday sewing day prep

I am very excited for tomorrow as I am going to have a sewing day with some fabulous ladies here in town. We are making a pattern called twisted strips and my new friend Linda whom I had the pleasure of meeting out at Jan's retreat is teaching it.
I am really proud of myself in just picking fabric from my stash and not getting more - not that I have not ordered more - OMG, I have been uncontrollable this past week, not sure what is wrong with my NO button, but its broken along with my self control. Any how! I normally buy all this beautiful fabric and then when it comes time to cut it up - I just cannot do it. But not this time, I knew exactly what I wanted to use, pulled it out of my stash and cut it up!
Here is what I picked:
I actually did pull one print out of here - the third in on the bottom row, its the only one with a metallic thread on it, and I really want to use it for a Japanese themed quilt top I have been dreaming up in my head. You cannot tell by the picture, but the centre of the flowers is a bit too brown as well although it definitely worked. All my strips are cut and will be sewn together for the class.
The class actually starts tonight - but I am going to a major heavy metal concert. Rammstein! Its German goth techno heavy metal craziness and I cannot wait! ha ha
Here is a picture I stole from the Internet - please do not sue me, it came from visitserbia.org:


Thursday, May 12, 2011

More buttons

I forgot I even bought these - how bad is that! I found them in a bag of fabric I bought to make my girlfriends custom quilt for her daughters birthday. I want to keep all of her fabric separate so to not mix it up and lose it in the growing stash I have.
Check out these lovelies:

I love the little city scape on the buttons in the middle. You have to love these pleasant surprises. I wonder what else I have hidden in bags I have forgotten about?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Basking in the sunlight

Ha, just try and pretend you don't all secretly love each other now! I am so on to you guys. Little Fuzzy Butts!