Monday, May 30, 2011

Well thats not good

Any one else see me little problem?
This block is for my Let's Bee Together group. I am supposed to mail it by the latest tomorrow.. ... I am out of fabric and the block is well, lets just say its not the 12 1/2" square its supposed to be. 
I kept coming up with designs in my head and each time I picked up the fabric, I realized I didn't have enough. So tonight I thought, meh, I will just make those cute little one inch squares like I did for Linda, that looked awesome! Yeah, I do not know what the hell I was thinking. If I did not have enough fabric to make my other ideas, I certainly did not have enough for little squares!! But I cut it all up and now look. Disaster! I will be off to the fabric store tomorrow after work in the hopes of getting more of these to fix my "little" problem. So sorry Mollie, I will do my best to get this block done and out to you as soon as I can!


  1. awww that sucks. happens to the best of us though. good luck at the over priced fabric shop.

  2. That's no fun. I had trouble coming up with something that would work with the fabric Molly sent out too.

  3. Oooh. I had trouble too and ended up having to grab some matching white from my stash. This made me realize I need to be generous when I send.