Friday, May 27, 2011

Path in the grass

When we moved my Mom this past weekend, it had been raining and continued to do so while we moved her. The grass was so tall, we tramped down a path between the two houses. 
Lucky has suffered another eye injury and I think with his inability to close his one eye, tall grass is the culprit for this round. Lucky is also very allergic to grass, pollen, dirt - you know, the kinds of things you cannot avoid when you are a JRT an only measure in at 12 inched off the ground. He is on a steriod to control his itching, but it prevents healing. The poor guy had to come off them cold turkey to get his eye to heal. He is over most of the withdrawal, but his eye is still slow healing.
Here is my home town:

In this picture, we were driving and I clicked just a little too fast, but this is the turn off to the farm I grew up on. Mr Hunter was culture shocked never being someplace so small, but I actually quite like it. I loved that I could listen to the birds call, hear the neighbors horse and listen to the frogs. Its so peaceful and it was really nice seeing some familiar and friendly faces!
It is painfully small though, if you want a good chuckle at how small it is, Google map, Glentworth, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

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  1. Hiya, hope lucky's eye gets better soon, it is difficult trying to keep them out of danger. Our JRT Sam is allergic to something too, we don't know what, he only has problems on his back, he gets a really red patch and it drives him nuts (and us with his scratching!) This year the vet has injected him with something (not sure what) and so far - fingers and absolutely everything else crossed - it seems to be working. So happiness all round. xx