Tuesday, May 31, 2011

U2 is coming to town

And check out the set up and all the trucks, cranes and other what nots are required to get the stage ready! They have had security set up around the clock watching all of this stuff since the trucks started rolling in at the end of last week.

I had to take a picture of the food trailers - I have never been to a rock concert with mini donuts! 

Its like some weird alien ship! Or a couple of flipped over catepillars!

Can you believe all those semis? According to the guy that was there with the security team, there are going to be 100 trucks in total once they all get in. They must  be all there by now. There are over 60 there now that brought one of the three stages to Edmonton. The rest were on their way bringing the lights from the last place U2 played.

There are a lot of these fork style cranes as well as the ones below. They look like fire trucks minus the water hose of course.

Everything is gated off. We went to walk around the stadium and see how the new recreation centre is coming - its the silver tan building with the orange square in the picture above. We could not get close to it, even the alley behind it and the parking lot for the Joe Clark Stadium is taken over with all of U2's stuff. Its going to be one heck of a performance!


  1. Are you attending the concert?

  2. yeah Carolyn that's my question too are you going to the concert tomorrow? cause I AM!!!!!! just bought a new red top to wear to it today!

  3. I'm 3rd in line to ask the same question. Are you going? And what about yesterday's fabric challenge? How's that going?

  4. I hope you are going and can report back :)

  5. Well, Carolyn, it's obvious you don't live in the south, because we don't do much of anything here until the mini donuts show up!! ;-)