Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Retreat goodness

Another quilting retreat has ended, another fabulous weekend spent with my dear friends from Seba Beach and area. I managed to complete some tops during the weekend - actually I still have to put the border onto one, so I guess that's not correct, but it was still a very productive weekend along with some visiting time. 
Here is what I made the Friday night:
I actually have the boarder done on this as well but forgot to take another picture - it's a hot pad.

This is a fabric bowl. It was our Friday Free project. For some reason my Friday Freebies are always wonky. As you can see, I have to hold this upright. ha ha

This was Saturdays project. We learned how to make the log cabin squares done easy.  It was a kit that she put together for each of us with amounts ready for us to cut into just what we needed. 
Everyone then got to put their squares together however with way they wanted. I was able to make this fun zig zag. 

Lastly, on Sunday, we made this storage container. It was round, but from the heat of my car driving home, it warped on me. I am going to try and find something to replace my container with. I'm not in love with it, but it introduced me to interfacing with I had never seen or worked with before so that is pretty awesome.
Did you notice the fantastic light shining on my table? I had the best view ever! Check out my sewing station:

The outside roll up screen did not survive the winter and that is what is hanging. It is to high up to reach from outside so I imagine it will still be hanging there come the next retreat. 
I am very excited for September as Jan is having another retreat and so is the Seba Sewing group. That is two retreats in one month! Awesome!!
There were so many amazing quilting projects done by my quilting friends, if I get permission, I will try to post some soon for you to see.


  1. OMG you have been busy and these are all so amazing! You are a pro girl.

  2. I love the potholder you made! I'm thinking of making a purple and green quilt like that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your zigzags! Wow, it looks amazing.