Friday, August 30, 2013

My cat understands English!

I told Jada-Bean if she wrecked my rows I'd kick her out of my room. I said this while she started to dive under some of my completed top. 
I swear it was like she understood what I was saying, she came out, looked at me and kinda nodded, and then curled up as far into the corner of the twin bed as possible. Curled into a little ball and had a nap!
Look, here is my photo to prove my cat totally understands me!
Such a good kitty!
Anyone else have a pet that speaks your language?

No shipping to Canada??

Grrr, all I want is new Bobs =(
So unfair, why do so many US companies act like Canada is soooooo far away, we are attached for goodness sakes! 

Any of my US friends want to receive my shoes and send to me? I guess I'll see what the sad Canadian selection is at the store first. They might have black and brown.... Boo to Sketchers!
Lol. I guess with my online shopping spoiled I will head down to my sewing room and use my Bernina, ahhhhh, now I feel good again. Hee hee hee 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Creative Stitches Show coming to Edmonton

Look what is coming to my town! Well, it's actually in Sherwood Park, but close enough. Woot Woot, I hope I can go this time.

I just wish they would run these on a Saturday and Sunday so I could actually have the chance to enjoy two days of quilt nerding out. Unfortunately, the younger crowd have not picked up quilting here like I have or like in the states were more and more young people have taken up the craft. Ahh but I digress, I can still hopefully make the Saturday!!

Click on this link for more info and the list of all the classes and seminars (most of which are FREE)

What great quilt shows have you gone to this past year?


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Night

It's a good night! LP is on right now on the Edmonton Folk Fest main stage and she is amazing. 

Yesterday we saw Shakey Graves from Texas- amazing!! We also saw Tim Chaisson with Colin Linden (Blackie and The Rodeo Kings member- another kick ass band that has played folk fest although Colin does lots of his own stuff as well and is a fantastic musician to check out) from Nova Scotia and Joe Nolan from Fort Saskatchewan whom were all fantastic.
I met a couple whom came up from Nebraska for this festival! Very cool.
I hope you are all having a blast this weekend as well. Don't worry my friends, I'm still managing to make stuff, I worked on some hexis this afternoon. 
Today's highlights were Carolina Chocolate Drops from Carolina, Good For Grapes from BC, and Langhorne Slim and The Law, from the USA somewhere, I cannot remember that one, but there were awesome as well. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chillin at folk fest

Hmm I see this did not publish, whoops.
Hanging out at Edmonton's Folk Fest on Gallagher Park this evening, 
What are you guys up to?

Check out this sunset!

Nighty night time on the hill

Still at Gallagher, listening to Fiest and looking at the city lights.