Friday, August 30, 2013

My cat understands English!

I told Jada-Bean if she wrecked my rows I'd kick her out of my room. I said this while she started to dive under some of my completed top. 
I swear it was like she understood what I was saying, she came out, looked at me and kinda nodded, and then curled up as far into the corner of the twin bed as possible. Curled into a little ball and had a nap!
Look, here is my photo to prove my cat totally understands me!
Such a good kitty!
Anyone else have a pet that speaks your language?


  1. Ha! Could it have been the tone you used? I'm sure kitty english is your english too.

  2. Mine might understand what I'm saying, but they all think they're the boss and I'm there to do their bidding. Not one of them ever does what I tell them to. I think yours deserves a treat!

  3. I think she really did understand. I know my dogs talk to me - well one does. We just have a connection and I totally know what she means without her speaking English. Like the time she came and told me "the baby" had an accident (pooped) and don't be upset. I knew what she said, and ran to find the I had forgotten to open the bedroom door and Kitkat (a puppy) at the time had messed in my room.