Sunday, September 8, 2013

My first Bernina top finish!

I made all these blocks on my Phaff, but almost every row were assembled with my new Bernina 820.
The pattern is called Diamonds, I saw a photo of it online and made up my own square size of three inches. Wish I went larger - this took forever!
This quilt will be donated to my home town to do a raffle to buy books for the library. I used the library fabric from Connecting Threads. I think the line was called Bookish. I really like their fabric and I love their big spools of thread. 
Now to quilt this monster! I have a queen bed, and this top is almost touching the floor on both sides and it just touching at the foot of the bed. 
I'm feeling inspired by Angela Walters quilting she did on her quilt Impracticality which was featured on the June / July issue of Quilters Newsletter. 
It's totally different then my diamond quilt, but not.... ... LOL.

What do you think? Any one have any suggestions for me? I'm also thinking I might quilt it with a navy thread, what do you think? Is that crazy talk? Will that be too busy? I do have brown.
Love to hear your thoughts my friends!!


  1. It looks beautiful. How about an aqua thread?

  2. Wow, that is amazing. I wish I could help you with some ideas on the quilting - but I don't have any thoughts! hehehe.

  3. First off I'm glad to see you are sewing! Your top is stunning. Look at how well everything matches up. Goodness you are good. No ideas on the quilting. Maybe just go free-form?