Sunday, September 22, 2013

Road trip!

We are driving north today to check out a couple of used Jeeps for sale. Just stopped is Waskatenau for gas. It's cheaper here then in Edmonton!
And did you know that Smoky Lake is Alberta's pumpkin capital?! Cool. 
And look, you can buy liqueur with your fill up at the gas station. Hee hee, how convenient!


  1. I can't remember when our gas was that price here in Northwestern Ontario... just the other day it was $1.419/L!! What are you paying in Edmonton?

  2. We interchange Gas Station/Liquor Store here in Calif. I'm just as likely to say either phrase when needing gas or beer/liquor. But not in North Carolina. I made that mistake only once! I think all gas stations sell liquor here. I don't recall any gas station not selling it.