Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A little bird told me give away from the designer herself!

Check out the blog A Little Sweetness for a 1/2 yard giveaway of her A little Bird told me fabric. It is super sweet.
She has great patterns and ideas.

Dear Kate Spain

Where have you been all my life and why have I just discovered you? Thank god for Burgundy Buttons or I would have never discovered how wonderful and talented you are. Your fabric is bright, fun and it makes me smile - something I could really use a helping hand with lately.
Thank you,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Did I mention my feet lately??

I forgot to update about my little feeties! I decided the doctor with the dinky office who yells at his staff is a dufus and headed straight to the specialist myself! I went to see Dr Dan (Last name I do not remember) at the Canora Chiropractic Clinic. Now anyone that knows me knows I am petrified of chiropractors, but I am now totally over my fear! I was measured for custom orthopedic shoe supports, and even went for my first ever adjustment. I was painless - it was amazing - it was world altering in a indescribable way! I went in to the office in my usual state of pain which I thought was just part of living. Dan put my hips in, I knew they were out - they hurt like a son of a gun. I even was standing lopsided due to it. Within 25 min I was relaxed and my hips were in place. I spent the weekend pain free (in my hips - one part of the body at a time. Its probably not healthy to do every thing at once, plus it was my first time) for the first time in about 15 years. Its a gosh darn miracle! My shoe inserts should be here soon and I have three glorious more appointments before I leave for Europe. Dan thinks I will be all fixed up by then. I do not know if my benefits plan covers all this - and I do not care. I am so ecstatic to finally feel better! I go again tomorrow right after work. Yippee!!
And here is a picture of what the front of our house used to look like:
 I will try to upload tomorrow tomorrow what the front looks like now. It is so different, I have even driven past not recognizing my own house! Isn't that nasty bit of red/orange paint terrible. We do not know if that was some punk being a jerk face or if one of the previous owners thought it a good idea.

Here is a crazy picture of Lucky going insane over my holding the ball. He is all dressed up for winter.

Lucky destroyed those booties this past winter. I hope to find the time to knit him some new ones before the snow starts to hit the ground again.... we will have to see how that goes.

New Moda fabric by Kate Spain

Check out this new line - it is gorgeous! I want it all - every pattern!
Here is the whole line: http://www.unitednotions.com/fcc_fandango.pdf
and you can purchase charm packs, jelly rolls and layer cakes from Burgundy Buttons.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Weekend over

It is 9:30pm, Sunday night. The weekend is over - how sad! I was unable to do a stitch of sewing, or cutting or anything else fabric wise. Instead, I spent that last 4 days around my work schedule in the basement trying to help the hubby out with the bathroom renos.

And here is how I really felt:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silly little feeties!

So I had my doctors appointment. When I went in I met the girl whom had originally made my appointment. She started apologizing to me as soon as I walked in. I do not recall even telling her it was me, but I suppose I was the only person scheduled for 5pm. She confessed to me that the error was on their part and that the Dr. had been calling her stupid all day for the mistake as they were over booked now for Wednesday.
Well, although I was glad I actually had something right for a change - I was extremely disappointed that anyone would call someone stupid. I do not care if your a doctor - we are all human - this was not brain surgery, yes a little reprimand for not completing the task successfully - that is part of having a job. But never ever call someone stupid! If I was not desperate to get my silly feeties looked at, I would have marched out of the office.
As is - I did not get into see the doctor until 6pm. His office was so small, and he was so big. I always find it amusing when doctor's offices have weight charts and promote healthy living when them themselves are overweight or smokers. Funny, do as I preach not as I do - like most things in life. Lead by example is such an outdated term.
Can you see my knee? Thankfully this was his 2nd waiting room. I wish I had taken one of his first one. It was so cramped, when I came in, the door hit a stroller (no-one was harmed)! Everyone had to sit with their legs to the side to avoid rubbing against the people sitting across from you. His office in which I met the doctor was larger, but not by much.
I explained where it hurt, he pressed my feet and I almost hit him when he pressed the ball of my foot, but refrained as I knew he was only doing his job. He told me to get Dr. Shultz arch supports. I explained I have them and have been using them for 3 weeks. He felt that the specialists whom make the custom supports are very very expensive. I told him I knew that already but that the store boughts were not cutting it. He mumbled when he talked so I had to really focus to understand - fortunately, I am loosing my hearing so I read lips, mumbles still move there lips so I do not think I missed anything. I have a form to get my feet x-rayed and he does not want to refer me to a specialist for at least a couple more weeks. Painful! I was really hoping to get these inserts before I leave for England. I cannot and do not want to imagine walking around in such a place of beauty and being in pain. I think I may just say the hell with it and pay the 350 out of pocket and get it done before we go. I only have a couple of weeks!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Recently I have been having some problems with my feet. It all started back around Christmas time, the arch on my right foot became swollen and purple. My husband thought it was from my sewing machine and that the pedal was too low so he raised it. Although this helped, it did not rid me of the problem, I simply walk differently creating other problems. Now on my left foot, the inner wider section of the ball of my foot is in some serious pain, causing my big toe to feel broken. How have I dealt with this? I am now walking differently on this foot, creating more problems. The ball of my foot pain is now in my right foot along with the pain and bruise like area of my arch.
I purchased some arch supports which do seem to help, but my arches are even higher then the supports so it is far from perfect. I did a little research and to get custom arch supports you are looking at around 340 bucks and I am not positive that is for a pair, or just one foot! Thanks to my now walking funny, I am getting really sore knees and sharp pains shooting up my back. I have not been sleeping, and have had a migraine with nausea almost everyday for a week. The headaches are most likely stress though - not my feet - but heh, I am no doctor.
Why have I not seen a doctor you may ask? Well, I have a fear of them along with a list of excuses as to why I shouldn't which includes lame things like I do not have time and I have to fold laundry.. ... dumb I know.
I have finally made an appointment, I actually thought it was yesterday and had to sit in the office and wait for 15 minutes just to be told I was a day early. Being this dumb is really painful sometimes - to my ego that is, not physically.
So hopefully tonight I will get some insite as to why my body is falling apart.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

God bless 50% off the whole store days!

Its not every day that Fabricland has 50% off storewide. In fact this time it was for today only! I went with a pattern in mind from one of my quilting mags (wish I re read the darn thing before I left as I didn't get enough of the dark pattern - alteration time!). The fabrics I found I think are just fantastic.  Here is the fabrics and the pattern I choose:

Since I was at the store already .... .... hee hee hee, I was good - REALLY! I only got the fabric I wanted, I mean Needed, to complete the Bird On a Wire Quilt. I wanted something with a sheen. I got the colors I was envisioning, but now I wonder if the whole thing isn't a little to 80's color inspired? God I hope not. What do you think?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yes please

Back in the day, it may have been a Wednesday or Thursday, I used to think I could handle what ever cold or flu my body contracted. I refused to take Tylenol, rejected allergy medicine and hell no was I taking cold or flu meds.
That was back when time seemed to stand still - remember those days, ahh between 16-25 and you think you got it all right. Turns out I didn't know shit and I still don't. But I like to think I am now open to learning as much as I can.
Now, time speeds by and I realize that time is precious so I do not want to waste it. I am still not into taking medicine for every little symptom I get, but when I get a cold now. I say yes please to medicine that will take these life oppressing symptoms away. I do not want to suffer through it any more. Yes I know I could if I had to, but why?
I just got on this past weekend viral laryngitis! With it being a virus, I could not get any antibiotics - well I could but they will not kill a virus so its a waste of time. The doctor informed me it will get worse before it will get better and he was not kidding! Monday - Wednesday I had no voice and had to whisper to anyone who had to speak to me. It made talking to my husband whom is out of town, a little difficult. It made work impossible. I was home Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I made it to work - I started out still a little raspy in the voice department, but that gradually went away and in its place came a wicked head and sinus cold. I wanted to tear my left eye out the pain was so bad. Right after work I dragged my butt into Shoppers and got the most expensive allergy / sinus meds I have ever purchased.
I am so glad I did. I got Claritin Non-Drowsy Extra Strength Allergy + Sinus 24 hour pills. For just 5 pills, it cost me almost $15.00. Completely ridiculous, but I needed the pain in my eye to go away and my nose to stop burning from all the kleenex I was going though (I actually used an entire box between 11am-5pm, kleenex without lotion! Oh kill me now my whole head I would have amputated to rid of this cold!).
I have to say so far, money well spent. I took the pill around 6pm. My eye no longer hurts and I can see, in fact, this medicine takes care of itchy eyes which I do suffer so they feel pretty darn awesome right now. Nose - almost completely stopped running. I ate some hot food which is going to give me a runny nose while healthy so I cannot say the meds are not working. Currently I have to say these are the best damn allergy pills I have ever taken. Now the test will be - do they last 24 hours?? A claim many pills make and I have never found one to last even 12 hours. I will keep you posted.
For the price - even though it would be great to not have itchy eyes doing this pollen, birch fluff season - I cannot justify. It is pretty pricey. If I went to Superstore and they had it for a better price - I would definitely consider it.
This price for when I was feeling like ass to feel back to normal and not waste what little time we are actually kicken around on this blue marble - priceless!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just call him Gramps

Tika had to have not only his fangs removed, but 3 other teeth. That makes 7 teeth in total removed. I just gave him his pain medication and it must taste some kind if awful as he is mad at me! I am sure I will be forgiven as soon as it kicks in.
Turns out Lucky as well has a skin infection due to his skin allergies. As mentioned in my post, Seek and you shall find, Lucky is allergic to grass, pollen and dirt. A dog - allergic to outside! I know it makes absolutely no sense to me either, but it is the truth. He had scratched his poor little thighs and belly bare, and in doing so - made himself infected and well - funny looking! We took him in and got special allergy medicine, but his tests came back that they had taken. So he is back on Novolexin. I think I spelled that wrong, but they help him with the itchies and the infection. He was on them pretty much all last summer. Hopefully he will be off them in a month in this round. This fancy allergy medicine worked immediately which we all love. I just took him for a walk / ball toss however and he is in the process of chewing off his own foot. I will leave you all on that note as I have to give him a bath ASAP!
Here is a picture of Tika with his little bandage on. Ohh, poor little grandpa with no teeth. I wonder if they make dentures for cats??