Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just call him Gramps

Tika had to have not only his fangs removed, but 3 other teeth. That makes 7 teeth in total removed. I just gave him his pain medication and it must taste some kind if awful as he is mad at me! I am sure I will be forgiven as soon as it kicks in.
Turns out Lucky as well has a skin infection due to his skin allergies. As mentioned in my post, Seek and you shall find, Lucky is allergic to grass, pollen and dirt. A dog - allergic to outside! I know it makes absolutely no sense to me either, but it is the truth. He had scratched his poor little thighs and belly bare, and in doing so - made himself infected and well - funny looking! We took him in and got special allergy medicine, but his tests came back that they had taken. So he is back on Novolexin. I think I spelled that wrong, but they help him with the itchies and the infection. He was on them pretty much all last summer. Hopefully he will be off them in a month in this round. This fancy allergy medicine worked immediately which we all love. I just took him for a walk / ball toss however and he is in the process of chewing off his own foot. I will leave you all on that note as I have to give him a bath ASAP!
Here is a picture of Tika with his little bandage on. Ohh, poor little grandpa with no teeth. I wonder if they make dentures for cats??

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