Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Recently I have been having some problems with my feet. It all started back around Christmas time, the arch on my right foot became swollen and purple. My husband thought it was from my sewing machine and that the pedal was too low so he raised it. Although this helped, it did not rid me of the problem, I simply walk differently creating other problems. Now on my left foot, the inner wider section of the ball of my foot is in some serious pain, causing my big toe to feel broken. How have I dealt with this? I am now walking differently on this foot, creating more problems. The ball of my foot pain is now in my right foot along with the pain and bruise like area of my arch.
I purchased some arch supports which do seem to help, but my arches are even higher then the supports so it is far from perfect. I did a little research and to get custom arch supports you are looking at around 340 bucks and I am not positive that is for a pair, or just one foot! Thanks to my now walking funny, I am getting really sore knees and sharp pains shooting up my back. I have not been sleeping, and have had a migraine with nausea almost everyday for a week. The headaches are most likely stress though - not my feet - but heh, I am no doctor.
Why have I not seen a doctor you may ask? Well, I have a fear of them along with a list of excuses as to why I shouldn't which includes lame things like I do not have time and I have to fold laundry.. ... dumb I know.
I have finally made an appointment, I actually thought it was yesterday and had to sit in the office and wait for 15 minutes just to be told I was a day early. Being this dumb is really painful sometimes - to my ego that is, not physically.
So hopefully tonight I will get some insite as to why my body is falling apart.

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