Thursday, June 24, 2010

Silly little feeties!

So I had my doctors appointment. When I went in I met the girl whom had originally made my appointment. She started apologizing to me as soon as I walked in. I do not recall even telling her it was me, but I suppose I was the only person scheduled for 5pm. She confessed to me that the error was on their part and that the Dr. had been calling her stupid all day for the mistake as they were over booked now for Wednesday.
Well, although I was glad I actually had something right for a change - I was extremely disappointed that anyone would call someone stupid. I do not care if your a doctor - we are all human - this was not brain surgery, yes a little reprimand for not completing the task successfully - that is part of having a job. But never ever call someone stupid! If I was not desperate to get my silly feeties looked at, I would have marched out of the office.
As is - I did not get into see the doctor until 6pm. His office was so small, and he was so big. I always find it amusing when doctor's offices have weight charts and promote healthy living when them themselves are overweight or smokers. Funny, do as I preach not as I do - like most things in life. Lead by example is such an outdated term.
Can you see my knee? Thankfully this was his 2nd waiting room. I wish I had taken one of his first one. It was so cramped, when I came in, the door hit a stroller (no-one was harmed)! Everyone had to sit with their legs to the side to avoid rubbing against the people sitting across from you. His office in which I met the doctor was larger, but not by much.
I explained where it hurt, he pressed my feet and I almost hit him when he pressed the ball of my foot, but refrained as I knew he was only doing his job. He told me to get Dr. Shultz arch supports. I explained I have them and have been using them for 3 weeks. He felt that the specialists whom make the custom supports are very very expensive. I told him I knew that already but that the store boughts were not cutting it. He mumbled when he talked so I had to really focus to understand - fortunately, I am loosing my hearing so I read lips, mumbles still move there lips so I do not think I missed anything. I have a form to get my feet x-rayed and he does not want to refer me to a specialist for at least a couple more weeks. Painful! I was really hoping to get these inserts before I leave for England. I cannot and do not want to imagine walking around in such a place of beauty and being in pain. I think I may just say the hell with it and pay the 350 out of pocket and get it done before we go. I only have a couple of weeks!

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