Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yes please

Back in the day, it may have been a Wednesday or Thursday, I used to think I could handle what ever cold or flu my body contracted. I refused to take Tylenol, rejected allergy medicine and hell no was I taking cold or flu meds.
That was back when time seemed to stand still - remember those days, ahh between 16-25 and you think you got it all right. Turns out I didn't know shit and I still don't. But I like to think I am now open to learning as much as I can.
Now, time speeds by and I realize that time is precious so I do not want to waste it. I am still not into taking medicine for every little symptom I get, but when I get a cold now. I say yes please to medicine that will take these life oppressing symptoms away. I do not want to suffer through it any more. Yes I know I could if I had to, but why?
I just got on this past weekend viral laryngitis! With it being a virus, I could not get any antibiotics - well I could but they will not kill a virus so its a waste of time. The doctor informed me it will get worse before it will get better and he was not kidding! Monday - Wednesday I had no voice and had to whisper to anyone who had to speak to me. It made talking to my husband whom is out of town, a little difficult. It made work impossible. I was home Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I made it to work - I started out still a little raspy in the voice department, but that gradually went away and in its place came a wicked head and sinus cold. I wanted to tear my left eye out the pain was so bad. Right after work I dragged my butt into Shoppers and got the most expensive allergy / sinus meds I have ever purchased.
I am so glad I did. I got Claritin Non-Drowsy Extra Strength Allergy + Sinus 24 hour pills. For just 5 pills, it cost me almost $15.00. Completely ridiculous, but I needed the pain in my eye to go away and my nose to stop burning from all the kleenex I was going though (I actually used an entire box between 11am-5pm, kleenex without lotion! Oh kill me now my whole head I would have amputated to rid of this cold!).
I have to say so far, money well spent. I took the pill around 6pm. My eye no longer hurts and I can see, in fact, this medicine takes care of itchy eyes which I do suffer so they feel pretty darn awesome right now. Nose - almost completely stopped running. I ate some hot food which is going to give me a runny nose while healthy so I cannot say the meds are not working. Currently I have to say these are the best damn allergy pills I have ever taken. Now the test will be - do they last 24 hours?? A claim many pills make and I have never found one to last even 12 hours. I will keep you posted.
For the price - even though it would be great to not have itchy eyes doing this pollen, birch fluff season - I cannot justify. It is pretty pricey. If I went to Superstore and they had it for a better price - I would definitely consider it.
This price for when I was feeling like ass to feel back to normal and not waste what little time we are actually kicken around on this blue marble - priceless!

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