Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cruising Bonnyville Main St.

Road trip!

We are driving north today to check out a couple of used Jeeps for sale. Just stopped is Waskatenau for gas. It's cheaper here then in Edmonton!
And did you know that Smoky Lake is Alberta's pumpkin capital?! Cool. 
And look, you can buy liqueur with your fill up at the gas station. Hee hee, how convenient!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Twin bed quilt top finish - Beautiful Chaos

I finished another quilt top while waiting for my order from Connecting Threads to come in (which is bringing my backing for the donation quilt and this newly finished top).
I call this one Beautiful Chaos. I think I posted the strips and maybe some blocks for this over a year ago!
Here are my crappy iPhone pictures (I heard the new iPhones are out or coming so maybe I can finally upgrade my 3 to a 5 without paying 600 bucks!).
I want to get this done before not this weekend but next so I have a nice new quilt for Jan's Quilting Retreat I'm going to. It won't happen though as I'm not sure how I want to quilt it yet, and I do not want to stipple it - not to mention I just placed the order for the backing this last Sunday. Oh well, I'm going to the Seba Beach Group's retreat in October, I can have it done for that one =)
What do you think of it? Crazy to much, or crazy cool?

Monday, September 16, 2013

We rocked the pottery class!

Mr Hunter and I took a pottery class together. 
Here is the stuff we managed to produce.
Here is my fav of the hubbies:
I managed to make a couple of lidded containers. 

Do any of you do pottery?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Decisions Decisions...quilting dilemma

What do you think? Does any of these "speak" to you?
The top one is hard to see, I had one of those excellent Sharpie Pencil to Pens, but I lost it yesterday at the Creative Stitches show =( I just drew it this morning with a pencil and it is just not as good.
I'd love to get your thoughts on this so if you have a comment, please do leave it.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Creative Stitches Show

I'm at this show right now and so far it has been fabulous! I met Cindy from Cindy's Threadworks almost as soon as I got here. She is amazing and I hope to stay in touch with her. I photographed one of her quilts and will post it soon as I took it with my camera and I am currently on my crappy old phone.
Here are a couple of photos though:

Did you notice the Carola's sign in the middle picture? I make Mr Hunter take me there every time we visit his Mom on the coast - I love that store!
I briefly met Carola this morning as she was organizing her samples for this afternoons session. It starts in 15 min, I better eat my lunch and get in there!!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My first Bernina top finish!

I made all these blocks on my Phaff, but almost every row were assembled with my new Bernina 820.
The pattern is called Diamonds, I saw a photo of it online and made up my own square size of three inches. Wish I went larger - this took forever!
This quilt will be donated to my home town to do a raffle to buy books for the library. I used the library fabric from Connecting Threads. I think the line was called Bookish. I really like their fabric and I love their big spools of thread. 
Now to quilt this monster! I have a queen bed, and this top is almost touching the floor on both sides and it just touching at the foot of the bed. 
I'm feeling inspired by Angela Walters quilting she did on her quilt Impracticality which was featured on the June / July issue of Quilters Newsletter. 
It's totally different then my diamond quilt, but not.... ... LOL.

What do you think? Any one have any suggestions for me? I'm also thinking I might quilt it with a navy thread, what do you think? Is that crazy talk? Will that be too busy? I do have brown.
Love to hear your thoughts my friends!!