Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Michael Franti and Spearhead combined with Santana are made of AWESOME!

Last night Mr. Hunter and I went to see the Santana concert. I was happy to go, but not super excited. Don't get me wrong, I know Carlos Santana is amazing. But I have not been sleeping and I have been working a lot of hours and I'm simply tired. I tried to check some email before leaving and saw that Michael Franti was opening for Santana. OK, my excitement level went up 100 x and I was bouncing by the time we got there.
I was not let down, Michael was not only musically great as I knew he would be, but he came out into the crowd! And I do not mean he came out a little bit - but he came out fully and completely, he climbed the stands! He walked throughout the floor seats!! He made me feel so happy - my eyes watered!
Don't know who Michael Franti is? Well, please click here and get acquainted with this amazing performer what will make your heart swell with joy! 
Then there was Santana - Carlos was of course amazing, but I was very impressed by his Bass player, he played that bass like it was a guitar only better. The sounds he was making on his instrument was so, I do not even have words, it blew my mind. After the Bass solo, there was a drum solo, this to was mind blowing. The drummer had each of his 4 limbs tapping the drums at different times. Now this is something I could do as I have no rhythm, but he was doing it so it sounded like drum heaven. All this, and he was chewing gum, looking completely relaxed - he even popped bubbles.

SO, long story short - if there are still tickets left in your city - do not delay, get your butskey down to this concert! Prepare to dance and have a great time.

 You can check out concert dates and buy tickets through Live Nation.



Saturday, August 27, 2011

FNSI? And sponsored give away winner!

Last night was the last Friday for this rounds FNSI, and I did not sew! I thought about it, I cleared my table and then pulled out what I wanted to work on, then Mr. Hunter announced he wanted to watch a movie and that is what we did.
We watched that second Bourne movie with Matt Damen. Then we watched the second movie that is called Our Street. Ha, I thought of taking a picture but did not want the attention. Last night I do not know what the story was, but three cop cars with their lights on had pulled one woman over. I didn't stay out there, but the hubby returned 30 min later to tell me what he heard.
I won't bore you with the details - long story short, I did not sew, I watched tv, read my book and went to bed.
Did you guys get your sew on last night? Whatcha making?

This is the first and I think the last post I will do with my iPad. You cannot change the font and you know I love my helvetica!

Oh and the winner of my sponsored give away is:


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I'll contact you later today to get you your prize! Congrats and thank you to everyone that entered.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pets on Quilts

Congratulations to all the winners of this years Pets On Quilts Show!! There were some really amazing prizes this year and although part of me is a little sad I did not win anything, I am still really glad to have been part of the show.
I believe Darlene is using one of my images for the calendar to so that is pretty awesome!
If you have not seen all the winners yet, please check out Darlene's post by clicking here.
Here are a couple of random pics I took in the last couple of days.

As you can see, the first couple are from the parking garage. I get to lock my bike up in there for free at work.
I took this picture this morning actually.

I liked the orange detailing on this truck, especially the wheels. It was still parked there this morning, but I took this yesterday.

This is the side of an old building downtown that now has a sign stating it is a Chinese Fitness Centre. Funny enough however, when I biked past on Sunday, the guy who runs it was outside smoking at the back. The guy in the pic is not him. I was focusing on the brick and did not realise what else I got in the pic.

Here is just a close up of the crumbling brick. I thought it was interesting.

This fantastic mural is downtown, I cannot recall what building it is on, but the birds are fantastic! I love magpies. Yeah, they are squawky, but they are so smart and I think they are so cute! I feed them cat food from a bowl at the back door. I put bird seed at the front door, but they seem to prefer the cat food. The sign is not part of the mural,  just in the way.
 I have been sewing, but nothing too major. I made a pretty cool block for my Let's Bee Together group, but I cannot show it yet. I only posted it in the mail today and I want a little bit of surprise for Colleen whom will hopefully get it in 10 business days.
Today is the last day to enter into my Give Away, if you would like to do that, please click here. I will be drawing the name tonight.
Don't forget tonight is FNSI, click the button on my side bar for more info or to sign up.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lucky made a little friend.

I could not believe this magpie went right up to Lu and they hung out together looking out of the gate.
Did you enter my give away? Click here to enter.
Have you voted for your favorite Pets on Quilts entry? Click here to see my entry, and click here to vote for me!! Or someone else - but I hope it is for me!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Give away over at Linda's blog

With all this activity for the Pets on Quilts show, I almost missed this give away over on Linda's blog, Little Bits and Pieces.
This is what she has up for grabs:
 The give away is to celebrate a really cool quilt along she is doing with another blogger. Here is the project they are making.
Please go to my dear friend Linda's blog and enter her give away and join in on the quilting fun! You can get to Linda's blog by clicking here.

Don't forget to enter my give away as well, you can do that by clicking here.

Saturday after FNSI, What did you make?

Good Morning my friends! It is a quarter after 8 this cloud covered morning and I have to run for a hair cut this morning in 30 min, but in the meantime, I am sitting happily with my computer, my cup of fresh ground coffee and hopefully, I can share what I made for last nights Friday Night Sew In (FNSI - check out the button link on my sidebar for more info/to sign up).
I didn't get the start that I had planned last night, but then I ended up sewing for over 4 hours, almost until midnight. Oh I was so tired, I just had to stop.
I did not sew on my machine though, but I have to today. I have two bee blocks to do today so I can mail them on Monday. I am scared to sew on my machine now, since it got back from the shop, if you are wondering why my nervous attitude, its because my machine sparked and plumed smoke out at me. The motherboard turning to nothing but a burnt black crisp. When I made my little pig quilt last weekend, I swear I kept smelling the smoke and I would sniff where it sparked, but then get scared that it would really start to spark and I would get hurt having my nose and eyes right there. Ahhh - Freak Out!! So I have not sewn on it since.
OK - too much text, onto the pictures right?!
So I went to sit at my machine, but found a Jada Bean in my place!
Bean: Oh its you, I'm pretty comfy up here, can you come back?

Me: No Bean, it is FNSI, I need to sit at my sewing table and sew.
Bean: Yeah well, I was here first and I'm a little busy as you can see.

Bean: Hmp, I'll show Mommy! Kick me off the chair. Hmm what can I get into in the fabric heap?

Bean: Oh, nicely folded batting! Not for long. Muhahahahahahahaa
Me: Jada Bean! What the Hell are you doing?? Get out of there before you knock the whole pile down!
Bean: Silence.. ... but still pushing into the pile.
Me: Bean, I swear when I get my sewing room, I will keep the door closed and never let you in if you know that over! 

Bean: Right, OK. I will just sit here and imagine I made a mess and wait for your new room to really take revenge. hee hee hee
Silly fur baby!!
Here is what I did accomplish after this mini battle.
 I did the witch's face from my Halloween table runner. I entered this in the Pets on Quilts Show along with my Little Pig quilt. Today is the day (tomorrow to) to vote. Click here to get to the show and Vote for Me!! Or someone else! Just Vote =) My entry is #33 on the list. To vote, simply leave Darlene a comment telling her your choice.
I completed all of the dark lines on Tika's body and face and then completed the details for his eyes and nose.

Completed the stitching on Jada Beans face.

I sewed a button on my husbands Grumpy's Garage shirt.
I do not know how that took me so long last night. Maybe too much time was taken trying to pick which movies to watch! They have to be ones I have already seen or I stab myself from trying to watch and not pay attention to my stitching.
OK, If you are still with me, thank you for reading to the end, I know these long posts can be a time suck and I babble. But I also have a give away!! Did you enter yet?? No, well click here and get your name in!!
 Oh and I did it, its 8:47! Woot Woot, time to get ready to leave for my haircut.

Friday, August 19, 2011

How I made my Little Pig quilt

If you wondered how I made my Little Pig quilt - which is part of my Pets on Quilts Entry, well let me tell you! I made up a little presentation using the My Memories Suite design software. Don't forget I have a give away for this software you can enter by clicking here. For more info on the Pets on Quilts show, please click here and if you want - Vote for Me!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Graffiti Thursday part 6

This one may be my favorite on this wall.

Hey - have you entered my give away yet?? Please click here to enter!
To me my Pets on Quilts entry, click here, and click here to vote for me! Or someone else - just vote!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Memories Sponsored Give Away!

Liz from My Memories contacted me and I am so happy to tell you that I have a free copy of the My Memories Suit software to give away to one lucky person. If you are not familiar with this software - it is a digital scrapbooking program - with a ton of possibilities beyond scrapbooking!. I downloaded this on my computer and was able to make a 10 page album in about 20 minutes. Check out a couple of the pagers that I made:

Here is my honest opinion about this product, I really like it. Take a look at some pictures I took of the program:
 Here is a page I made, I was able to take the page layout and change it to work just for what I wanted.
 On the right hand side there are tabs to add photos, text and shapes, even fancy text.
 Easy buttons and tabs for all your options are on the tool bar. When you hover the mouse over the button, it tells you what it is for so you do not have to guess or try to remember.
 You can make albums from templates, or make one from scratch.
 Here is one of the templates.
 Here is the first custom screen.
 I picked this template, and within 20 seconds changed it to read this:
Tadah, now it's ready for me to fill in for this year. To add a page, you just right click on a page on the bottom of the screen (sorry my picture does not show them clearer), then you can copy it, or insert. If you add one you do not want - just right click on it and delete it. So easy! There is a quick button on the toolbar to add pages to.
Check out tomorrows post, I even used an album template to do a tutorial. There are also YouTube videos if you want to see more:
So how do you get this software for free??
Okay, there are 5 chances to win, please leave a separate comment for each and please note, if you are a no reply blogger, I will post your name on the winning post, but if I do not hear from you in two days, I will have to pick someone else.
Here are your steps for your chance to win.
  1. Be a follower of my blog or tell me that you already are.
  2. Check out the My Memories web site and tell me what your favorite lay out is, Please note, this software includes free layouts so do not panic, you do not have to purchase layouts to make this software work. But it is nice to know the option is there to get lots if different ones in the future.
  3. Check out the My Memory Suite blog and tell me that you did.
  4. Like the My Memories Facebook page and come back and tell me that you did.
  5. Finally, please blog post, Facebook or Twitter about this give away and let me know with the link.
  6. Now don't run away yet!! If you want to buy this software - but want to save some money?? I have been given a coupon code for you to save $10 off the $40 download fee, so its only $30 bucks. Pretty Sweet!! Just use this code at your check out: STMMMS61612
    Woops - I forgot to put a closing date on here - I will be drawing the winner on Friday, August 26th.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Pets on Quilts Entry

Here is my entry for the Pets on Quilts show - there is still lots of time to enter - click on the button in my sidebar to go to the rules/entry page on SewCalGal's blog.

OK, I am entering both my Dog on a quilt - this quilted wall hanging is of my Lucky Lu, the King of the Jack Russel's! At least, this is what we tell him when he is being good. He is also my Little Pig. Please click here to see what I mean. And I am entering my Halloween kitty large table runner. First the dog quilt.
Here is the quilt:
 This is approx 14 1/2" by 24", it is from a picture I took of Lucky doing his little pig roll.

 And here is the King of the JRT's himself! Lucky Lu!
 Had to take one pic in the sun since it came out for a little bit.

This is the picture I used.

And I could not forget about my kitties! Here is a Halloween hand embroidery pattern I made up featuring my little fur babies, Tika and Jada. It is not done - but it is getting there. We have a large coffee table and I am making this to fit nicely on the center of it.

 Miss Jada Bean has graced me with her presence - all I had to do was put this on the floor and pretend I was going to work on it.
 Ah, here comes my other inspector.
Jada: " Hey Tika, what do you want? I am already inspecting this"
 Tika: " I just came to say hi, can't a guy say Hi?"
 Jada,:" Hmp, Hi my Petunia! You came to double check my work - you always do this"
 Tika: " No really, I just want to say hi.
 Cannot tell who is yelling what, all breaks loose - eek the fight is on over who gets to inspect what!
 Battle is on, it looks close. Ah, maybe not, Tika is about to cause damage!
 In the end, like a smart man, Tika knows to back down.
 Right Jada girl?
Jada: " Don't look at me, can't you see I'm busy??"    
Mom: " Sorry Bean".

If you like my entry - please vote for me! You can vote for your fav from Aug 20 - 21st on SewCalGals blog. Click here to go to the Pets on Quilts main blog post.