Monday, August 15, 2011

Last weekends folk fest.

Folk Fest is both a fantastic event - and an exhausting one. For this year - my sister and my mother came up - even my three nephews came for the last day. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to make it through without spending a fortune on food. This year - I BBQ'd an entire big box of chicken and we did wraps, burritos and chicken salad. Of course with all the meat - we had lots of marinated veggie salad, and tons of fruit. But enough about my meal planning - to the pictures!

Oh quick reminder again for the Pets on Quilts show - it starts today and goes to Friday. I should have my entry up hopefully by tomorrow. Please come back and check it out and if you feel like I deserve it- Vote for Me!! For a link to the show - please click on the Pets on Quilt button on my sidebar. Thanks!

Tim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band

View down the hill.

My lovely sister from on of the smaller stages.

One of the jam sessions - I do not know where my program book is to give you their names - but this was a great session.

We had to hide under the tarp as it started to rain - a lot.

My mommy

Mortal Coil - they come every year, dress in costume and walk on stilts to entertain the crowd.

Tony and Anne

My mom again and Mr. Hunter

Two of my nephews

Brandi Carlile

The End.

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