Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday after FNSI, What did you make?

Good Morning my friends! It is a quarter after 8 this cloud covered morning and I have to run for a hair cut this morning in 30 min, but in the meantime, I am sitting happily with my computer, my cup of fresh ground coffee and hopefully, I can share what I made for last nights Friday Night Sew In (FNSI - check out the button link on my sidebar for more info/to sign up).
I didn't get the start that I had planned last night, but then I ended up sewing for over 4 hours, almost until midnight. Oh I was so tired, I just had to stop.
I did not sew on my machine though, but I have to today. I have two bee blocks to do today so I can mail them on Monday. I am scared to sew on my machine now, since it got back from the shop, if you are wondering why my nervous attitude, its because my machine sparked and plumed smoke out at me. The motherboard turning to nothing but a burnt black crisp. When I made my little pig quilt last weekend, I swear I kept smelling the smoke and I would sniff where it sparked, but then get scared that it would really start to spark and I would get hurt having my nose and eyes right there. Ahhh - Freak Out!! So I have not sewn on it since.
OK - too much text, onto the pictures right?!
So I went to sit at my machine, but found a Jada Bean in my place!
Bean: Oh its you, I'm pretty comfy up here, can you come back?

Me: No Bean, it is FNSI, I need to sit at my sewing table and sew.
Bean: Yeah well, I was here first and I'm a little busy as you can see.

Bean: Hmp, I'll show Mommy! Kick me off the chair. Hmm what can I get into in the fabric heap?

Bean: Oh, nicely folded batting! Not for long. Muhahahahahahahaa
Me: Jada Bean! What the Hell are you doing?? Get out of there before you knock the whole pile down!
Bean: Silence.. ... but still pushing into the pile.
Me: Bean, I swear when I get my sewing room, I will keep the door closed and never let you in if you know that over! 

Bean: Right, OK. I will just sit here and imagine I made a mess and wait for your new room to really take revenge. hee hee hee
Silly fur baby!!
Here is what I did accomplish after this mini battle.
 I did the witch's face from my Halloween table runner. I entered this in the Pets on Quilts Show along with my Little Pig quilt. Today is the day (tomorrow to) to vote. Click here to get to the show and Vote for Me!! Or someone else! Just Vote =) My entry is #33 on the list. To vote, simply leave Darlene a comment telling her your choice.
I completed all of the dark lines on Tika's body and face and then completed the details for his eyes and nose.

Completed the stitching on Jada Beans face.

I sewed a button on my husbands Grumpy's Garage shirt.
I do not know how that took me so long last night. Maybe too much time was taken trying to pick which movies to watch! They have to be ones I have already seen or I stab myself from trying to watch and not pay attention to my stitching.
OK, If you are still with me, thank you for reading to the end, I know these long posts can be a time suck and I babble. But I also have a give away!! Did you enter yet?? No, well click here and get your name in!!
 Oh and I did it, its 8:47! Woot Woot, time to get ready to leave for my haircut.


  1. What a sweetie, and love your witches face!

  2. Jada Bean Cat is a hoot, she has a terrific sense of humor :-)

  3. Your cats are so cute. I love the halloween piece with them on it.

  4. Is your machine still not working? Jada Bean with an attitude! Your Halloween quilt looks terrific!

  5. Haha! Your running conversation with Jada sounds just like me and Moses! Aren't quilty cats wonderful?!

  6. Me encantan tus quilts y tus mascotas!!!
    Saludos desde Argentina!!!

  7. I laughed aloud reading the Jada Bean dialog! Your witch and cat faces are so realistic! So very cool.