Monday, August 1, 2011

iPad for me

I got an iPad.
Mr Hunter was jealous - but he got over it. I wanted the iPad for several reasons, one is I get $250.00 from my office as this is a tool I can use for work. Being a Online Media Buyer, I am responsible for searching for sites to advertise on, plus I can monitor our clients performance mobily now.
For me - I wanted the iPad to be able to read books, emagazines and for all the design and drawing tools to design my quilts on a digital platform. My goal is to get myself able to design on the iPad and not have to struggle scanning pages to making PDF's and making PowerPoint files of my paper drawings.
I found a brilliant program to do this months ago - but now I cannot find it. I found some others though.

Here is my new work/play tool:
 It loaded all the apps from my phone. Pretty sure I do not need my Zippo app on my iPad! Not that it works - if you want an app like that - do not waste your money on this one as I did!
There are also apps available just for quilting! I was shocked when I typed it in the search bar and things actually came up!
Now to make myself a cover - er, out of hexis I guess as I am still machineless!!
Anyone else using an iPad? What are your favorite apps? Got any recommendations for me? The two drawing apps I found that I like (I do not love them yet) are Sketch Lite, and SketchPadHD. I did get the Sketch Pad app that you can see in the picture - it has the scribble line. I do not like it. One app I found that is not design related, but cool is Sketch Agent. You take a picture, and then you can turn it into a sketch. I think it may inspire some embroidery designs.
OH, and I got this app called Quilt Shops!! It is for the USA - but I am still trying to convince Mr. Hunter that a huge USA road trip would be an awesome good time. HA, so I can stop at every quilt store that is! And this app tells you where they are! Brilliant.


  1. There is an excellent Robert Kaufman quilting app that helps you determine how many blocks you can get from a cut of fabric, border sizes, yardage requirements, etc. It's the best one out there, and it's free!

  2. Oh congrats! Hubby would love one of those as well. Enjoy it lots.