Friday, August 26, 2011

Pets on Quilts

Congratulations to all the winners of this years Pets On Quilts Show!! There were some really amazing prizes this year and although part of me is a little sad I did not win anything, I am still really glad to have been part of the show.
I believe Darlene is using one of my images for the calendar to so that is pretty awesome!
If you have not seen all the winners yet, please check out Darlene's post by clicking here.
Here are a couple of random pics I took in the last couple of days.

As you can see, the first couple are from the parking garage. I get to lock my bike up in there for free at work.
I took this picture this morning actually.

I liked the orange detailing on this truck, especially the wheels. It was still parked there this morning, but I took this yesterday.

This is the side of an old building downtown that now has a sign stating it is a Chinese Fitness Centre. Funny enough however, when I biked past on Sunday, the guy who runs it was outside smoking at the back. The guy in the pic is not him. I was focusing on the brick and did not realise what else I got in the pic.

Here is just a close up of the crumbling brick. I thought it was interesting.

This fantastic mural is downtown, I cannot recall what building it is on, but the birds are fantastic! I love magpies. Yeah, they are squawky, but they are so smart and I think they are so cute! I feed them cat food from a bowl at the back door. I put bird seed at the front door, but they seem to prefer the cat food. The sign is not part of the mural,  just in the way.
 I have been sewing, but nothing too major. I made a pretty cool block for my Let's Bee Together group, but I cannot show it yet. I only posted it in the mail today and I want a little bit of surprise for Colleen whom will hopefully get it in 10 business days.
Today is the last day to enter into my Give Away, if you would like to do that, please click here. I will be drawing the name tonight.
Don't forget tonight is FNSI, click the button on my side bar for more info or to sign up.


  1. Love your pics! Taking photos is so addictive. I love especially the layers of bricks. BTW I WANT TO SEE MY BLOCK!!! Ok sorry for yelling Im just so excited and anxious. I have recieved two so far and seen two more sneak peeks. I feel like Im going to bust! I love surprises too so cant wait!

  2. Love the birds on top the Mondrian type background. I really love birds. And the beat up brick is pretty interesting too. Looks like a truck took a turn to fast and hit it.