Thursday, August 4, 2011

Graffiti Thursday part 4

Here it is!
Heh, what do you think of my bike?? Like my cat litter box? Mr. Hunter painted it for me and bolted it to the basket attachment. Its perfect to hold my lunch bag and my purse. Behind is one of those started graffiti paintings that must have been interrupted on as its not done. The other one I cannot read, but I like it - its very comic book.


  1. It looks like a Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) bike. Cute picture!

  2. Great bike! The unfinished graffiti looks more girly than the normal stuff - done in pastels.

  3. Too bad these artists don't do their work on a huge piece of canvas or wood. Then they could take their time and sell it. It's beautiful! I love you bike. A great way to get around.