Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Michael Franti and Spearhead combined with Santana are made of AWESOME!

Last night Mr. Hunter and I went to see the Santana concert. I was happy to go, but not super excited. Don't get me wrong, I know Carlos Santana is amazing. But I have not been sleeping and I have been working a lot of hours and I'm simply tired. I tried to check some email before leaving and saw that Michael Franti was opening for Santana. OK, my excitement level went up 100 x and I was bouncing by the time we got there.
I was not let down, Michael was not only musically great as I knew he would be, but he came out into the crowd! And I do not mean he came out a little bit - but he came out fully and completely, he climbed the stands! He walked throughout the floor seats!! He made me feel so happy - my eyes watered!
Don't know who Michael Franti is? Well, please click here and get acquainted with this amazing performer what will make your heart swell with joy! 
Then there was Santana - Carlos was of course amazing, but I was very impressed by his Bass player, he played that bass like it was a guitar only better. The sounds he was making on his instrument was so, I do not even have words, it blew my mind. After the Bass solo, there was a drum solo, this to was mind blowing. The drummer had each of his 4 limbs tapping the drums at different times. Now this is something I could do as I have no rhythm, but he was doing it so it sounded like drum heaven. All this, and he was chewing gum, looking completely relaxed - he even popped bubbles.

SO, long story short - if there are still tickets left in your city - do not delay, get your butskey down to this concert! Prepare to dance and have a great time.

 You can check out concert dates and buy tickets through Live Nation.




  1. Wow, you were really lucky. I love Michael Franti.

  2. It sounds like so much fun Carolyn- What a terrific pairing of talents. Glad to hear you had such a fantastic time.
    Tomorrow is my first day with my kids- I think we are ready but we shall see..
    Talk to you soon- Have a good trip to the Coast.

  3. Oh you are so lucky! I would love to hear Santana, I'll take your word for it that Franti is great too. And if they ever play here I'll go. So glad you had a great time.