Monday, June 28, 2010

Did I mention my feet lately??

I forgot to update about my little feeties! I decided the doctor with the dinky office who yells at his staff is a dufus and headed straight to the specialist myself! I went to see Dr Dan (Last name I do not remember) at the Canora Chiropractic Clinic. Now anyone that knows me knows I am petrified of chiropractors, but I am now totally over my fear! I was measured for custom orthopedic shoe supports, and even went for my first ever adjustment. I was painless - it was amazing - it was world altering in a indescribable way! I went in to the office in my usual state of pain which I thought was just part of living. Dan put my hips in, I knew they were out - they hurt like a son of a gun. I even was standing lopsided due to it. Within 25 min I was relaxed and my hips were in place. I spent the weekend pain free (in my hips - one part of the body at a time. Its probably not healthy to do every thing at once, plus it was my first time) for the first time in about 15 years. Its a gosh darn miracle! My shoe inserts should be here soon and I have three glorious more appointments before I leave for Europe. Dan thinks I will be all fixed up by then. I do not know if my benefits plan covers all this - and I do not care. I am so ecstatic to finally feel better! I go again tomorrow right after work. Yippee!!
And here is a picture of what the front of our house used to look like:
 I will try to upload tomorrow tomorrow what the front looks like now. It is so different, I have even driven past not recognizing my own house! Isn't that nasty bit of red/orange paint terrible. We do not know if that was some punk being a jerk face or if one of the previous owners thought it a good idea.

Here is a crazy picture of Lucky going insane over my holding the ball. He is all dressed up for winter.

Lucky destroyed those booties this past winter. I hope to find the time to knit him some new ones before the snow starts to hit the ground again.... we will have to see how that goes.

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