Sunday, May 16, 2010

Seek and you shall find

We found our tile! Originally we wanted slate, but in the end as it always does - we completely changed our minds! Now we are going to get a porcelain floor tile in a dark slate like color, a light porcelain tan/cream color for the shower and tub surround with fabulous marble for accent details. Here they are together:

After we got home from our tile adventure, we both decided it was time to give the yard a little TLC. Its not very often - at least it feels this way - that we get weather worth going out in. Yesterday reached the same as room temp finally so out we went. Currently with all our reno debris, our yard looks .. .. well like white trash. I mean this in the kindest way possible, but even with repeatedly getting the dumpster bins in, there is always a steady flow of junk in my back yard. The rental fees are too much to get a bin that we could slowly fill, so items get put out into the back yard until we think we have enough. Makes for an unsightly mess. In order to save the neighbors from embarrassment, we keep it all in the back yard - this means my garden is 1/2 covered in gross. I keep telling my husband that his last two buckets are on top of where my peony is trying to come up and he just keeps telling me, "oh yeah" and walks away. I would move them, but they weigh about the same as me. I know when the house gets done, the yard will get done too. I wish to have an amazing yard now is the problem. Thankfully I have retaken up quilting to fill my lack of gardening time!
Here are a few picks of what has managed to survive another freezing Canadian winter!

The blooms are so heavy on this bush that they are forcing the branches to hang down.

This is part of my alpine patch. I love alpine plants and rock gardens. I got these last summer and my goal is to keep them alive until I can make them a real home in what ever location they finally get "drawn on" the plan.

This is more of the alpine plants. I had to post this one as it was funny. The little plant in the centre struggling to come back. It finally showed some signs of life so I was trying to get the hose set up to give it a drink, hubby came over the Save The Day! and he stepped right on it! So much for that one. Then there is the sad one at the bottom left - it definitely did not make the winter - the green in the very center, that is a weed that decided it was a great place to live.

I now have a white "picket" fence. ha ha ha, made out of antique doors in a desperate attempt to keep Lucky the Terrorist out of my plants! It does not really work - he just goes around. Damn dog is too smart.
Speaking of animals - even the kitties got some fresh air yesterday. They normally have to stay inside, to ensure I could catch them if they investigated too far, I made them ribbon harnesses.

Here is Tika - yes, I have a couch outside. Renos renos renos.....

and the lovely Jada Bean.
Have you ever heard of a dog allergic to grass?? Well, ours is. Every summer he scratched the fur right off his tummy, inside legs and thighs. We put him on medication all last summer and took him into the vet every month and a half to see if there was something else that would work - but no. I try to keep him inside now, he has a large play area we cleared for him in the basement. But he still loves outside even though he gets hives. Poor little guy.

See how pink his little thighs are? Winter time that is white with fur that is now scratched off.
We did let him play outside yesterday. He needed to run more then he can in the basement. Anyone whom has or did ever have a JRT understands!
Here is a funny video of him in his pool. He LOVES his pool!
I guess I cannot upload video - sorry about that. I will have to investigate how that works. If anyone knows, please leave me a comment. Thank you!
Enjoy the sunshiny day! Its even nicer today then it was yesterday, I however will be in my sewing room making up for my lack of stitching from yesterday. Hubby cleaned out my sewing machine so I am off to give it another try. Hopefully it works so I do not have to try and hand stitch this huge 100"x100" quilt!

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