Thursday, May 6, 2010

Since I could not complete my scrappy quilt, I decided to make one of my quilt sketches I had created a couple of months prior. I hoped to make a quilt featuring my pets for each season. After doing this first one, I have lost some steam while I had many fabric dramas. More on that in a bit, the quilt itself has changed from my sketch to a real life creation and I have to say I am pretty proud of it so far. Originally I thought it would be one large panel, but it has expanded to one big panel and three smaller panels. The smaller panels showcasing each animal separately. Here is a picture of the large panel:

I started with the cats (Tika - white cat, Jada - the grey one) in the tree and Lucky the dog on the ground - the ball in his mouth is typical Lu. He is obsessed with the ball! The birds were a naturel fit as my backyard has so many, may I confess they are all grey and brown little things along with a large amount of magpies - but I thought I could be forgvin to have some color. In the mood of spring, this is the spring quilt featuring spring flowers that were blooming in my mother-in-laws garden as we still had snow. Oh to live in BC, dare to dream while I have my home in frozen Edmonton. It got warm for a good week, unseasonably warm - it was fantastic! But short lived as even now, beginning of May, there is snow. But I digress.
Here are pics of the smaller panels.

Then there was the fabric drama. I thought I would save some money and use the large (ugly) brown sheet you can see around the panels as my framing fabric to bring all the pieces together. I tried to convince myself it would work, but thankfully my hubby knowing me too well said to please stop being so cheap and get a great fabric to highlight all the hardwork I had done. This was great, but then he wanted to have an opinion on what fabric I got to purchase! Ahh, I was scared, but we actually chose a really great fabric together. It is this one:

Heritage Dark 108" Wide

Great isn't it? So the fabric was chosen and I placed my order via Wish Upon A Quilt. However they did not have enough! Ahhh again! After some emailing back and forth with Cathy the owner – she was able to point me in the right direction to get the fabric. I wanted to get it from her as I have ordered with her before and I love her shop, but she still saved the day. Quilter’s Paradise still carries this fabric and had more then I required. The shipping was super fast; I got it a week faster than expected. Phew, thank goodness that drama is over. I was worried at first I would not be able to get it and would have to choose something different and I just was not finding anything. I got the fabric Tuesday, I only have the little Jada panel left to sew and then I can attach everything. This weekend (hopefully starting after work tomorrow, there is a hockey game to entertain the hubby) I should be able to get lots done on this project!

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