Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Work all day and stitch all night

On the weekend just past, I was able to pick up a quilting frame to hand stitch my quilts. My husband was convinced it was a waste of money and that he could build it. Although I agreed that it was extremely over priced, it was 50% off and I didn't think it was worth the hassle. But like a good wife, I went along with it - we checked out the one at Fabricland that was on sale, then off to Home Depot to find the pieces. After walking up and down the plumbing and electrical aisle searching for similar pieces, it was decided to go back to Fabricland and just get the frame. Men are so cute (by cute in this instance I mean stubborn little children!), but in the end it all worked out. He didn't have to figure out how to make the frame (which was going to cost almost the same as the frame) and I was able to start stitching that night. Don't you just love win, wins? Thank goodness to, with the Canucks making the second round and winning their game on Sunday night, I would have had to wait at least a week for him to think about starting the project.

Hand stitching my quilt top is a mixture of feelings. I thought it was a brilliant idea to have that hand finishing touch - not to mention a great excuse to sit in front of the TV and sew! The process is going to take what seems like the rest of my life. ha ha, but seriously - it is slow work! I have been sewing for hours every night, Sunday, I worked at it for over 8 hours straight! My back is killing me and my hip from leaning funny to get to the area I want. All this and I have only been able to outline 1/4 of the tree, the daffodils, and the scillia (the white flowers) on the big panel. I was worried that the colors from the top could stick out too much on the back. I think they are blending in fairly well though. I cannot see the underside unless I get down on the floor. Not a good idea for me, I most likely will not be able to get back up. So you will have to live with this photo I took.
I am using green thread here and it appears to blend in nicely. This could be an illusion, but I will believe it for now.
Tika break, he thought  I was working too hard and needed to relax a moment. I didn't take a pic of Jada, but she was on the loveseat watching me sew. She has taken to sleeping on the quilt whenever I am not there to kick her off of it. I am going to have to hide it in the spare room!

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