Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I finally got to go out to a movie! Thank goodness it was my friends birthday or I would have gone almost an entire year without the pleasure of going out to the theatre. Not that I mind watching movies at home, on the contrary, I love that as well. But there is something about seeing a flick on the big screen - may it be the trans fat filled popcorn or the extremely over priced candy.... or the thrill of sneaking in dollar store candy? I am unsure which, but I love to go to the theatre! My husband however, does not!
I was extremely happy when my girlfriend's husband asked me to go to Sex and the City 2 with her as that was what she wanted for her birthday and he was adamantly not going.
So here is my movie review in just a few sentences. The romantic in me thought it was fabulous - but the realist in me thought it was just too far fetched. For the sake of not wanting to spoil the movie - I will not say which part was the most unrealistic, but there is definitely a segment that is so bogus it made me groan out loud in the theatre at it's la la everything works out perfect for Carrie!
The next movie my friend and I are going to see is the third Twilight movie when it comes out. I am super excited for this movie - yes I am one of those fans. For me however, the romantic is fully satisfied with these movies. It is all make believe, and therefore in my mind can be totally far fetched. That is the beauty of fiction for fiction. Unlike Sex and the City, which is fiction pretending to be non-fiction. Ha, well, that is how I justify it. I did enjoy the movie, I just wished they left the ridiculous part out. 

On another note, we bought tile today! Not only that, we got different tile from what we picked out. After the excitement wore off and the realization that we had to order the tile from a retailer and could not get directly from Ames, not to mention the Ames contractor price was over $20.00 a tile - god knows how much the retailers would charge us! 
We went to Tile Town and found tile almost the same but even better! Instead of 20+ for a tile, we got the floor tiles for just over 5 and the wall tiles for 4.20 per piece! We did get some expensive tile, we got for the tub surround and decorative support beam a mosaic marble and glass tile. The pricey number was $17.98 a sheet. That doubled the bill of the first two tiles! But if we had stuck with the original tile, our bill would have been in the 3500.00 mark easily, with all the grout, adhesives, sealer, trowels, grout float, sponges, spaces - our bill came to $1788.00. We were able to take everything home only having to order and wait two weeks for the marble/glass mosaic sheets. Not bad. The extra value of having the second luxury bath adds so much to the house that even with the tile cost, it is a win win.
Here is a before picture of the bathroom and I will post some after shots as I get the tile up.
Oh- I forgot to post as well, Tika my diabetic cat is losing his teeth! Poor guy, apparently it is very common for people as well with diabetes to get this problem. The correct medical term I do not remember, but basically your body changed your teeth to bone. Bone is not strong enough to chew food and such so they break out. The broken teeth never break of smoothly so when the gums grow over to seal the holes, you get infections and other bad stuff. Tika had some infection causing his gums to be really swollen, his poor mouth looked awful. We have been giving him antibiotics for a week now and they look way better. He already has lost on front fang, and the rest are all being taken out this coming Tuesday. When we took him in to see is Doctor, they wanted to take his blood to make sure he is able to have the surgery, but he freaked out and would not let anyone touch him. It was super embarrassing as we were in the waiting room when suddenly we could hear him screaming his head off. Everyone kinda laughed and looked around and I said, "that was mine". People laughed some more as we are all pet lovers and it is funny that we can recognize their cries like a mother can hear which child is hers crying. The nurse came out and told me they could not take a sample as he would not allow anyone touch him. He was screaming his head off, crouched in the back and no one even touched him. We have to take him in early for his surgery and the will sedate him and take a sample first to make sure they can proceed.
Wish Tika luck!

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