Monday, May 24, 2010

Table for 4 please

For this long weekend, I wanted to do a project I could actually complete. I choose to take the table runner pattern from American Patchwork Quilting June's issue, "Petal Pushers".
I changed the measurements and design to make 4 place matts and 6 napkins.

I must confess, I have made a few quilts, and never ever did the binding correctly. There never was anyone around whom knew how it was done, I just wanted to quilt so I did. Now, thanks to the Internet, I found a video that really helped along with a website that made sense after I watched the video.
Here is the first quilt I ever made on my own. 
Here is the pet quilt in the bed. I think it turned out pretty good. The hand stitching is not done for this picture. I am still deciding if I should send it to someone with a machine to get it done before I'm old. Depends on the cost and I have not seriously looked.

I must end this post with "FREEZER PAPER ROCKS"! It took me a while to find it, but I am very glad that I did. Because of the plastic side, you can use your iron to temporarily adhere your fabric. The pattern tells you leave the paper on the petals while you stitch them almost the entire way around and then to pull it out. I thought this may be too much of a pain, as well I worried of the pieces of paper that would be sewn in. Instead I used it for ironing down my edges of the petals, and then pulled it out right after the pieces cooled. Maybe next time I will be brave and leave them in.

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  1. The pet quilt is really really awesome. Excellent style, reminds me a bit of a Henry Rousseau painting.