Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome to my new blog! Please feel free to comment on any of the projects I am making or recipes I am cooking up. Especially if you have any advise to share, I am all ears.

I like most creative people have three quilts on the go right now. This does not include the painting, and other projects in "my room".

My sewing room was originally in the basement, which I did not mind one bit as we have a raised basement and huge windows. That is - until I discovered it was infested (really, I am only exaggerating a little!) with SPIDERS. Aaaahhh, I am horrified of spiders. My husband refused to kill or relocate them (crazy man I know, but I love him so). I refused to go in there. Thankfully his daughter has decided to hang out with us for the summer so she gets the room and I got to move upstairs! YES, even bigger windows and as far as I know (and I am not going looking I can tell you that!), spider free!

I started making a scrappy quilt, years ago I worked for a paint and decorating store which sold fabric via sample books. When the sample books were discontinued, the companies wanted us to through away the books. Well, no way was I throwing these treasures away, I kept as many as I could. Finally after lugging these books through several moves and cities - I took them apart to use. This was a project that I didn't really think through. ha ha, to take the books apart was easy - but pealing the backing off every piece, OMG, it took days, and I had to hand scrub most to get it off. A lot of pieces still have little bits of paper on them, but I was done with cleaning and wanted to get on to sewing. I then spent 4 evenings after work just cutting out rectangles. Finally I started to sew, I discovered I didn't have enough! So, this treasure of saved fabrics is now folded and sitting in the corner, patiently waiting for more scraps to complete it. It will happen eventually... The picture at the bottom of my blog is this quilt. I know it should be ironed after every square, but the fabrics are so mixed, to get one pattern to iron I would melt the next, plus I kind of liked the ruffling effect. More to come!

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