Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looks like I am back to hand sewing this giant quilt

My plan of machine sewing has resulted in a waste of a Sunday I am afraid. I have spent almost the entire day seam ripping. I put on the free flow sew foot, set my tension to the recommended setting, I even put in the recommended needle. This is the result I kept getting:
This is the nightmare on the back. I tried increasing tension, decreasing tension. The only problem solving that they have for this issue in the manual is to re thread the needle. I tried that over and over, hoping that it would correct itself. It got worse. Now it looks awful on the top and the bottom:

Kill me, kill me now. argghh I was really hoping to have this project done.
The quilt is back on the frame, at least someone is happy about this:

 Ahhhh, little cutie Lucky is almost laying on himself! He is totally passed out on the quilt. At least I know it must be pretty comfy!

The cats a pretending not to care that the quilt is back out. I know in the morning it will be covered in hair and bowed in the middle from them sleeping on it. They cannot fool me!
If anyone reads this and has a Phaff 2058, if you know how to fix my tension problem, please for the love of fabric, leave me a comment on how to fix it!
Thank you.

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