Monday, May 31, 2010

Van Morrison comes to Edmonton!

Crazy but true, music legend Van Morrison is coming to the Edmonton Folk Fest! Plus another talent I cannot wait to see is Sara Harmer! The line up just like every year contains some names you never heard of but will never forget after its over. I joke that it is the only reason to live here - but really, I mean it! Edmonton is okay I suppose, but personally I find it cold, dirty and well there are alot of crazy people here and I do not mean ward crazy, but greedy, money driven I do not care if I drag a pedestrian 28 blocks crazy cause I am a oil worker and I am drunk crazy! Young girls getting shot in the head when they ask someone for a cig crazy. I am a farm girl and even though I have now lived in the city for 15 years - it is messed up here. I have seen a man punch out his own headlights cause he did not like another man's long hair. I myself was almost punched in the face in my own home because I spoke of the Darwin theory and apparently a coworker was so into what the Bible said - I was offending his beliefs?? So punching me in the face was his way to make me believe in god? Not too sure, but that thinking is not my way of thought. I never worried about locking the doors on the farm, or worried that someone would steal my car. Hell, I even had people come into my backyard in the city to steal from my house - while I was in the living room! This is crazy!

Sometimes I wish to reject it all, but it is so nice to have sewing shops so close. Not that I can buy fabric from any of them as they are more then double the cost of fabric stores in the states.

I could live on a farm, feed chickens, I might not eat them, but on a farm you have to have some kind of animals. Actually, I think I would have a pig refuge and save as many as I could from needless slaughter. That is a whole other rant though. Back onto the crazy city .. .. where was I? Oh right, farm, chickens, pigs - I could grow my own food, maybe sell it at farmers markets for cash to buy fabric. I could sew all day when not doing chores, I could sell my creations online. I can order my fabric online.... oh the simple life.

Really if it was not so damn cold here for over half a year, I could grow food year round. Reading the newspaper about some even crazier stuff going on in warmer climates - makes you think Edmonton is okay.... .. .. .

Plus - I have a confession to make. I have gone Poo free! By that I mean shampoo. That is right my friends, I no longer use shampoo! Before you go, "Oh Girl you are soooo gross"!! Let me explain. I use baking soda to wash my hair, and I rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar. It is all thanks to Angry Chicken. I love her blog, she provides a link in this post for how to go Poo free (plus she has a recipe to make your own deodorant - I have not gone that far yet, but I am tempted). Here is the shampoo link. In there you will see that they say it will take two to four weeks for your hair to return to a healthy state from being stripped from shampoo, plus your hair has to readjust how much oil to produce.

So okay - I felt that my hair was for the first 3 weeks - totally gross! But I am a Taurus and that means I am painfully stubborn to a fault. I was going to see this through if it killed me! I almost didn't go through with it. I am a hair twirler, I love to play with my hair and I couldn't even touch it I felt so greasy. But low and behold after three weeks, it is now 5 weeks, my hair has never felt so sexy soft and been so healthy shiny. I cannot stop playing with my hair now. It feels so amazing. I am so happy I didn't break down and use Poo. I will never use it again. Ever Ever, I am getting my hair cut in July before heading off to London, and I am not going to let her touch my hair with their Poos!

Reminds me, I have to ask our family there if they can get me some Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar. For some reason I foresee issues if I try and take it on the plane. Would that not be funny if they confiscated my baking soda! Would not be worth the body cavety search that would most likely go along with it. Ha ha

Wow, that is a lot of text without any pictures... let me see what I got here.. ..

I will leave you with a picture of Tika. Wish him luck - he goes in for surgery tomorrow morning to have his front fangs removed. Poor baby already has diabetes, now he has to lose his teeth. I will post tomorrow and let you know how he is doing.

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