Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recycled Wedding Dress

So, you know how after you get married, you have this fabulous dress that you will never ever wear again? Well, I had a work function and nothing to wear so I thought ... .. why the hell not! I changed my wedding dress into a lovely cocktail dress and dyed it pink.
I actually wanted to dye it a gorgeous deep plum / purple. To my horrified surprise, I had spent $1500 dollars on a polyester dress. Polyester does not except dye very well. I ended up with a soft pink and the lace detailing went a fab purple color.
Here is me on my wedding day: View of the front in my living room. Check out the cheesy 70's brick archway huh. Is that pretty or what?? Yeah - I took a hammer to it last summer and busted all the nastiness away. Oh, but rest assured, the beautiful wall texture is still there - for now! I cannot wait till we start to reno the upstairs. That my friends is a whole other story - lets stick to the dress shall we??
And here is the back view: I had to hook my dress up on my arm as we did not have a flower girl, ring boy or any other little kids to hold it out of the muck.
You can see the lovely lace pieces. They were sewn on at the sides as well as just under the hump at the back to make the dress seem to poof out at the rear. Why I wanted me ass to look that big, I do not know, but the overall affect was lovely. I took all the lace pieces off and re-attached them to the new bottom of the dress. I gathered it in at the sides at the bottom hem line to give the bubble dress affect. I really enjoyed how the lace pieces went darker and show like highlights of fantasticness (that is so a word!)
Here are some pics of the final dress (although I plan on redying it again with a very large qty of colorant in the hopes of getting the yucky polyester to take in the color). 

And the back:

I had hoped to post a picture with me wearing the dress, but the hubby is cranky. Perhaps another day!
Nightie night.

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  1. Looks awesome.

    Great idea - it's the ignorant-male in me, but I cannot understand why brides lock their dresses away for eternity rather than do something like this.