Friday, May 7, 2010

I am a machine!

Check out the small panels! They are stitched and ready to be put together to complete the quilt top.

Close up of Tika

Lucky..... oh and all the crap I have stored above my wardrobe....lovely. Pretend you do not see all that okay??
Close up of Lucky

I didn't just get these all done, I started attaching my circles on my third project. The third project was started while waiting for my backing material for the pet quilt. This fabulous third project all began as a doodle while waiting in the lobby of my workplace for my hubby to arrive and get me. He was running late, really late and thankfully, my favorite purse mate was with me - my sketchbook!

I was able to draw this fun little sketch. I never thought it would become a quilt, I was just doodling. I didn't even have a proper sewing machine when this came to be in my book. Thankfully I was able to convince the hubby that my 35 year old Janome was ready to be traded in. Now I am running a new Phaff 2058 I got from an awesome quilting store in Edmonton called Johnsons Sewing Centre. They were so accommidating, they met me after hours while they had a class on so I could get a machine.

So this little doodle is becoming my girly quilt. I was imagining it as all pinks, but I thought I had better add some less feminine colors if I wanted it to ever be allowed on the bed. Here are some its staged of life:
I had to decide how I wanted to use my fabric and do some math to make it work for a queen bed.
After completing the bottom diamonds, I picked up the pink for the top at Fabricland and circle cutter which I had never used before. Thank goodness I got it or I would still be cutting circles. I hand basted every circle onto the quilt top to avoid using an iron one adhesive which seem to really clog up my machine and break needles.

And tonight I was able to start sewing the circles on! I should have them all on by the end of tomorrow! Yippee!

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