Sunday, May 29, 2011

What about me??

I think Beanie (Jada) is feeling left out with all this Lucky talk! 

Beanie, "Lucky gets to sleep on the bed now, Lucky is getting fancy eye drops every three hours and everyone wants to know that HE is OK? Hmmp, What about me??"
Look at me Mommy!!

Maybe if I sleep where Lu usually does, that will work. Look Mommy, I am in your sewing area.. .. shh, pretend to sleep, I think its working!

TIKA YOU BIG MEANIE, You are spoiling my close up!


  1. They do get jealous, don't they?

  2. what cute little fur babies you have. tika was so cute sticking her face into the camera like that.

  3. ohhhhh so sweet! I hope you are now giving him lots and lots of warm cuddles!
    He looks adorable and sure deserve the attention.
    thanks for sharing