Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Birthday treats

I was so busy to get out for my retreat, I did not get a chance to show you what I got for me birthday. Mr Hunter went to Fabricland and bought me fabric. I guess he made several women envious as they told him they could not get their husbands to enter the store, let alone surprise them with fabric goodness. 
Here is what he picked for me:

Not bad huh?
Then I got lots of flowers, and a yummy cup cake:

The cut flowers were pretty much done by the time I got home, but they were lovely all the same. The potted flowering plants still look fantastic and I hope I can get them to flourish. I have been known to kill Gerber Daisy's, but I think they are lovely. I think I over water. 
If any of you have a tip for me on how to not kill my Gerber, please leave me a comment.


  1. Lovely Flowers and fabric - you can't blame those ladies at the shop ;D

  2. Lovely presents. And interesting choices for the fabric. Are they ones that he knew you wanted or is he dreaming of a trip to London? Where he can learn fine embroidery.....

  3. My hubby wouldn't even know where the fabric shop was..... or the flower shop.....LOL He would probably manage to find the cake shop though for purely selfish reasons!

  4. Lucky girl! Fine presents, and a quilt retreat at the same time!

  5. My hubby would go to a fabric store for long as I told him exactly what to get and where to get it from in the store. You are lucky.

    Flowers....I either overwater or don't water for help from me, sorry.

  6. Lucky lady! I can't advise on the flowers, though! I'm not too good in that department!
    Jacque in SC

  7. I think the fabrics are great. Not the usual flowers stuff - so he did a good job. I especially like the embroidery one. As for the gerber daisies. Mine always die too. I saw on TV recently that they are hard to grow - they like things just right. Well, no wonder mine always die! Maybe you can google it, and give those flowers a fighting chance! hahaha!

  8. Amazing fabric and lovely flowers. Cupcakes are the best. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! You certainly have some great fabric to work with. Do you kill Gerberas in the pot or in the ground? It's important not to plant it too deep. The top of the crown needs to be slightly above soil level.