Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Books, books, books!

One of the things I got for my birthday was a gift card to Chapters Indigo, a major book store chain in Canada. With it, I was able to purchase this book:
 At the quilting retreat, some of us went for a little stroll and came across a thrift store which all proceeds went to the senior centre. I picked up some short lengths of lace, a hand made doily and these two books.
 The Knaughty Look?? ha haha, you know I could not resist this one!
 The cover is not too exciting on this one - but check out this page inside! It is what sold it for me!
BAHAHahahahahaha - because there is a way to have ruffles look Masculine! Bahahahaha


  1. Love your comments on the books. How do you make ruffles look masculine?? Do you think your hubby would model to show us???

  2. Even if I sew some black ruffles on my hubby's Harley Davision T-shirt, I bet it still won't be masculine! hahaha Love your post today -and the books are great!!!

  3. Good finds and great chuckles! Thanks!

  4. Giggle! Love your book choices! You'll have to show us some projects you make from them.
    Jacque in SC

  5. I guess the Founding Fathers (I'm talking US, but probably Canada'a, also) certainly rocked the masculine ruffles, but after that? Not so much. Sounds like a fun treasure hunt you had there.