Monday, May 9, 2011

I am ready for my June mail out

I was so proud of myself, I actually made a decision as to what fabric I am sending out for my June month of Lets Bee Together. Then I cut them into squares and made 12 piles. All of this, because I thought for sure there must be people from international locations in the group - not looking at the list that Linda sent me. I took everything to work to package and mail out only to then look at the list and realize - I am the only international person on the list!! Me?? Yes, me. Everyone is from the USA. Now I understand why everyone was posting pictures of finished blocks in the first two weeks of the month whereas I have not even received my fabric! 
Any how - I am ready to mail out to all my USA friends come May 15th. I hope two weeks will be long enough. 
Here they are:

Every package comes with love, cat hair and dog hair! Bahahaha, I scrubbed the floor before I made the piles so at least that is all its coming with!! 
I cannot wait for these renos to be done! And to have this lovely kitchen tile removed and replaced with something that looks good! I'm also looking forward for getting my fabric for May's Lets Bee Together! 


  1. Your Bahahahaha cracks me up!! Lovely fabric, and you will be getting lovely blocks back!

  2. Can't wait to get to work with such pretty fabric! My dogs will go nuts giving the fabric a good sniff over :)