Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Place mat marathon!

At Christmas this year, I made my mom a table runner. She asked for place mats to match. I asked how many, she said 8.. ... ahh 8? Yup, 8. OK, I can do that I said. 
It is now May, actually May is 1/2 over as y'all know, I have not completed a single place mat. This long weekend we are helping her move into a new to her house. Housewarming gifts?? Can I get 8 place mats done? For Friday? 
Yikes - I am going to try, wish me luck. Here is my progress so far:
Not bad, last night I managed to get all 8 tops done, now I have to cut the batting, backing, baste and quilt them. Can I do it? I do not know, but I have to try. 


  1. You can do it!!!! I know you can!!!!
    The mats are beautiful. Love the colors and the design :)

  2. Those are so pretty. Ahh...the pressure! I think you can do it. You might have to stay up until midnight to do it. Good luck!!!