Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sad little dog

Poor little Lucky, his allergies are so bad he can not stop himself from scratching. I think I mentioned last night that we had to take him off his allergy meds as it slows down healing and he got another eye injury resulting in another ulser? Well, he was scratching so bad last night I ended up having him sleep between my feet so I could hold his legs to his side when he started scratching. This resulted in me getting a lot of leg exercise and 0 sleep as he scratched all night! When I got up in the morning, his front leg was actually bleeding from his knee to his toes. Gross!! So, instead of getting ready for work, I rushed him to the tub, cleaned him up and put Polysporin on his wound. 
He still would not stop itching!! So I told him, stop itching or I am going to hog tie your legs. I stand by my word, he itched, I tied (with ribbon). Then I got my husbands socks and some painters tape while he laid on his side - finally not itching. I put a sock on each leg and used the tape to try and get the socks to stay on as long as I could without it being too tight. I do now know how long it lasted - oh and I obviously untied him, that was temporary as he was making himself bleed further - he had managed to get all but one sock off by the time we got home from the work day. 
I found his winter booties and he is wearing them now - much easier then socks and tape!
Here is the sad creature now.

There is nothing on his cone, he just feels the need to lick things - its gross really. Do you like his one sock? 
Thankfully his eye looks much better tonight so I was able to give him a little bit of medicine. Its not enough to make him not itchy at all, but looks to be enough to make him stop hurting himself - that or its the booties. I do not think so though as he scratched for a good hour with them on until the meds kicked in.
Wish him luck! Little Lucky needs a little help in that department lately. 


  1. Oh Carolyn poor little Lucky, he sounds like his allergies are far worse than Sams. Hope his eye clears up fast so he can get back on his meds. Big hugs for him xx

  2. Hugs to Lucky, poor little fellow. My Jake's allergies act up in August and thankfully have not been as bad as poor Lucky. Take care, little buddy.

  3. Poor guy! I hope he starts to feel better quickly.

  4. Poor thing! Having just got the cone off our Gabriel, I completely understand what you're going through. I'll be praying that his eye heals quickly.