Friday, May 27, 2011

Do you know this man??

This is the man that almost ran over me this morning as he decided he would take the opportunity of there being a pedestrian on the crosswalk to drive angular across two oncoming lanes of traffic in an attempt to get into the LRT train parking lot before I was safely across. He did not consider that the pedestrian - ME, walks very fast so he almost hit me! When I audibly said to him WTF??!!??, he sarcastically said it back to me and raised his arms all crazy around his head. Nice - what a quality human being huh? He almost hits me, but I am the bad person. Then the silly person parks, and I see him running to catch the same train I am on! Like I would not recognize his face - uh hello, you were only 5 feet away from breaking my legs? So I decided I had full right to stalk him when he not only got on the same train, but got off the same stop! Can you believe the odds. People thought I was nuts, but I took these pictures of him, not even trying to be sneaky. He could not say boo though and I think he feared to turn and give me a full profile pic. lol.
So, If you know this person and have loved ones that walk - like on pedestrian crosswalks, can you please advise him that the pedestrians have the right away and to not drive like a retard?
Thank you kindly,
ME - the girl happy to still have two working legs.

Oh, I forgot the other funny thing, this guy works in one of the Downtown Edmonton office towers - as do I! So the chances of me seeing him all the time are actually pretty good. I couldn't crazy stock him the whole way, I have a life and wanted a coffee. ha ha


  1. omg what a dumb a$$ i can't believe people like that are still able to have a drivers licence. to bad you didn't get a full frontal picture as my boyfriend works for

  2. ASS. That is all I have to say.