Friday, May 13, 2011

Saturday sewing day prep

I am very excited for tomorrow as I am going to have a sewing day with some fabulous ladies here in town. We are making a pattern called twisted strips and my new friend Linda whom I had the pleasure of meeting out at Jan's retreat is teaching it.
I am really proud of myself in just picking fabric from my stash and not getting more - not that I have not ordered more - OMG, I have been uncontrollable this past week, not sure what is wrong with my NO button, but its broken along with my self control. Any how! I normally buy all this beautiful fabric and then when it comes time to cut it up - I just cannot do it. But not this time, I knew exactly what I wanted to use, pulled it out of my stash and cut it up!
Here is what I picked:
I actually did pull one print out of here - the third in on the bottom row, its the only one with a metallic thread on it, and I really want to use it for a Japanese themed quilt top I have been dreaming up in my head. You cannot tell by the picture, but the centre of the flowers is a bit too brown as well although it definitely worked. All my strips are cut and will be sewn together for the class.
The class actually starts tonight - but I am going to a major heavy metal concert. Rammstein! Its German goth techno heavy metal craziness and I cannot wait! ha ha
Here is a picture I stole from the Internet - please do not sue me, it came from



  1. Carolyn, I scanned your pics first of the fabric, of course, and the one you picked to cut jumped out at me before I even read what you wrote! I have that one and just cut into it this morning - I'm working on some crazy scrappy blocks from Aneela of Comfort Stitching. So pretty! And thanks for being a follower of me! I love your blog! Have fun at that concert, and stay safe!

  2. Great fabrics! Have a great time at your sewing day.

  3. Great fabrics, they all play so nice with one another. No wonder you are a metalhead when they have performances like that. Have fun!

  4. I love all those fabrics together - great job in picking out stuff from your, you know you have to 'fess up and show us what you have bought, when it arrives! Teehee!
    Jacque in SC