Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank you and is everyone OK??

I want to give a big thank you to everyone whom wished me happy birthday. Sorry I have not replied to all of your emails yet. I want to sit and drink more coffee and reply to every one of you, but I am so not ready for the retreat I am heading off to this morning - so I have to shut this fun event down and actually get ready.

I wanted to before I run out though, make sure everyone is OK?? All my USA friends?? I have been watching all the news coverage about the tornado's and I am scared and saddened by all the damage. Please let me know if you are OK. I know not all of you are in the area that the tornado's hit, but my states geography is pretty dusty in my head so please just leave me a comment will you and let me know you are OK or if you need anything?? 

I am gonna though out a little love today so yes cheers, but today as well.


  1. We had some pretty bad weather here in Middle Tennessee, but not nearly as bad as the folks just to the south of us in Alabama and northern Georgia. A little scary here, some time in the safe spot/closet floor, but no major damage. Thanks for asking!! PS Tennessee is about halfway up and just to the right of the Mississippi River in the US...... Just south of Hancocks of Paducah!!

  2. We're alright here in upstate SC! Praying for those in Alabama and elsewhere...such devastation.
    Have fun at your retreat!
    Jacque in SC

  3. Thanks for asking - we are in the center of California. No tornados or bad weather here. Just heat today. The weather is 84 degrees. Have a great time at your retreat!