Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paper piecing Frenzy!!

I have been spending this past week making paper piecing pieces from my scraps. I figured, why not! Then I thought - what if I could fill entire jars full of paper pieces, then any time I wanted some - tadah!!
Here is my progress so far:

Feels like I have made hundred already - but the piles are still pretty small. Its a start though! 


  1. Love it. I love making hexagons. You will have to let me know how the diamonds are going...I would love to try them but not sure what size would work best.

  2. I have a big ole box of scraps you can work on. I have been putting mine in sandwich bags. Can't wait to see a final product

  3. Another possible project during TV watching...

  4. I have a bag that I carry to appointments, family visits, etc, any time that I would normally have to sit with my hands in my lap! I keep making hexies mostly from thirties reproduction fabrics. I'm thinking I might make some place mats for our dinner table....perhaps three hexie flowers on one side, with stems going down to the bottom edge and a leaf or two. Whatcha think?
    Jacque in SC