Monday, April 18, 2011

Hockey jersey alteration

I have been asked by Mr. Hunter a couple of times to alter his jerseys, but kept putting it off as I was scared I would destroy them in the process of trying to fix them. I have never altered a jersey before. The other day I finally stopped avoiding, got out my seam ripper and just went to it. I thank the heavens, was successful. That means however that I have now been nominated to fix several more. Boo. 
Here it is before alterations. As you can see, the body is wide, but the arms are narrow - too narrow for Mr. Hunter when playing goal to stretch out and make all his saves in net. 
 So I cut out a 13 1/2 in square out of jersey material, then folded it in half and cut the inside v with curves to follow the jersey. Attached to seam ripped opening and sewed my little pink heart out.
 Tadah! Here it is all done. It looks ridiculous without his gear on, but he was happy with it. Too bad we did not have any of the matching blue, perhaps the white will blind his opponents? 



  1. Very clever way to do it! And he does look silly : D! Like a big hockey bird flapping his wings! What a great thing you did for the team!

  2. Great might try finding a fabric that is in the same colorway. I am sure you couldn't match but maybe you could have found a blue or green that would have blended. Looks great regardless!

  3. Now he has more movement and can really wow the crowd!!

  4. You should have used RED...for the FLAMES - I guess the white works too. LOL. I know they did not even make the playoffs. Boo.

    Great job. I do not think I would have been able to tackle that job.

  5. Hey, great job! I would definitely have been too terrified to try that! :)
    Jacque in SC